Can I Finish Dinner & Eat That Dessert with a High BG?

By MHoskins2179 Latest Reply 2013-02-27 17:06:53 -0600
Started 2013-02-09 09:23:11 -0600

A woman living with Type 1 diabetes wonders what she should do if she sees a 245 mg/dL blood sugar result in the middle of dinner… should she stop eating? Skip the dessert that SHE brought?

Veteran Type 1 and diabetes educator Wil Dubois has some advice for her over at Ask D'Mine this weekend, so go take a look at what he thinks about this. And do you have any tips? What do you do in these situations?

Ask D’Mine: Friggin’ Almond Cake and Moldy Cheese ->

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Fefe12 2013-02-27 06:09:33 -0600 Report

Did I miss something? Why would you order a dessert? What were you eating for dinner? Did you have enough protien? Did you take your meds? We are diabetics we can't eat dessert! Fact of life.

MHoskins2179 2013-02-27 15:07:40 -0600 Report

If you read that post, you'll see the question with context - it's not me writing it, but someone asking for advice. And you are not correct to say that "we are diabetics, we can't eat dessert." That is anything but fact; it's misinformation. If you dose accordingly, you can whatever you might want to. And seriously, even going a bit high for a dessert YOU BROUGHT to the party isn't the end of the world.

Fefe12 2013-02-27 17:06:53 -0600 Report

Sorry, but I thought thats what a diabetic is, a person whos body can't handle sugar. Isn't that why her BS was so high to begin with? I find no comfort in working my rear off keeping myself healthy and putting more chemicals(meds) in it that a body doesn't like, to put a food into it that my body doesn't need. I've worked too hard for what I have achieved. What food out there is worth risking your health? I want to be an example to young ppl who struggle with their weight, their cravings, their eating habits. I want to prove to them that they can eat healthy, and have fun eating too without the sugar. Like I've said before, go out order a dessert once in awhile with your friends with lots of forks. You will find one bite is really all you need. I'm just sayin…

pixsidust 2013-02-09 18:47:22 -0600 Report

Have the dessert in a to go box for later and eat protein to balance your meal. It will stave off long term hunger pangs. Shift to adjust but do not starve yourself

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