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So I was trying to find different ways to stay motivated and had the idea to get more involved. What I mean by that is I'm starting a health- motivation group at work. I proposed this Idea to my HR manager at work and she LOVED it.. I feel as though I do so much better with encouragement from other people who have some of the same ailments as I do. The plan- a 16 week challenge- before and after photos- weekly weigh ins-( privately ) weekly team lunches with topic discussions- recipe exchanges- weekly goals ( food or exercise related) break-time parking lot walks and a buddy system- each person donates $25 dollars as an initial entry fee and the company will match the contribution- the money goes to a gift of a hair and clothing makeover at the end of the challenge for the person who lost the most weight pound by pound and the person who had the most total percentage of weight lost (2 winners) we would also have a closing dinner event out at a nice dinner to show off the new look.

If you have any ideas on topics to discuss or ideas for weekly challenges please post. Also if you have done anything like this in the past and have advise or info on things that work or didn't work so well please share those experiences as well ;)

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Nick1962 2013-02-09 18:37:44 -0600 Report

I did something like this years ago when one of my care providers did a mini “biggest loser” class. After 12 weeks I went on to win the challenge. This was also what got me well into diabetic control and off many meds. Also lost 100 pounds since. There was no money involved, we focused mainly on reading labels and healthy eating trying to model our diets after the Transitions Lifestyle system
Each week we watched a short video by Dr. Shari Lieberman (from the program) and then basically tried to find ways to fit it into our lifestyle. We didn’t however follow the program exactly, because our teacher/presenter wasn’t into supplements or “false nutrition”, but the system otherwise worked well as a low GI, low carb diet.

I’d say be prepared for your group to drop out by at least half. Many have good intentions, even good motivations, but little discipline. Everyone has “buts” too. Not the kind you sit on – the “I could do this but I……” kind, and they may be very valid excuses, but they can be overcome. Several moms used their kids as excuses as to why they can’t follow a different eating program.
I think having some structured agenda for the period, like learning to read food labels and doing food logs would be beneficial. I think each participant should be responsible to research and lead at least one weekly topic too.

One tip from the first class – don’t take pictures, or at least do it privately for the individuals who ask. For many it will be yet another reminder of failure. Same with weigh ins. If the group as a whole agrees to share numbers, fine, but otherwise just post the week’s winner. And don’t forget to take body mass index into account, it’s just as important.

About a year ago I was asked back to talk to the new group of challengers (as most winners were) without giving away the program. My topic was “eating psychology – why do we eat like we do?” I would be surprised if you couldn’t get at least one weekly discussion topic from DC here alone.

Just my experience FWIW, hope it’s helpful.

Oh, almost forgot, those of us that stayed through the whole course now do a lot of music sharing for exercise and formed our own mini-group just on motivational music.

Gwen214 2013-02-09 14:28:22 -0600 Report

Sounds like your employers are compassionate about everyone's health, that's encouraging to hear.