Recipe for tomato juice

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Does anyone have a basic tomato juice recipe?

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jayabee52 2013-02-07 22:38:56 -0600 Report

My first wife and I grew a lot of tomatoes and we canned a lot of tomatoes as sauce and juice. But the juice we put up was not the red tomato juice as campbells or other juice you see in the stores. We put up a juice which was kinda translucent with a red tinge to it. We were able to do this without a lot of cooking down the tomatoes, and we found we needed that juice if we wanted to make home made tomato soup or mix it with the sauce to make tomato juice. To learn how we did that you can go here ~

But to get a tomato juice more like a campbells juice look here ~

emta89 2013-02-07 22:52:25 -0600 Report

my grandmother used to can and all that but I have yet to can anything I freeze alot of stuff and freeze tomatoes, when you need them just drop them in boiling water for a few sec and take out and you can take the skin off and use in soups etc. I need to start canning but just have a fear of blowing my kitchen up, lol

jayabee52 2013-02-07 23:05:32 -0600 Report

yes, and I would still be canning today except my first wife became my ex and she would not part with one of our two pressure canners nor with many of the dozens of canning jars we had accumulated in 25 yrs of marriage. The sad thing of it is, I don't think she ever used those things again. I know she didn't garden any more in this hot Las Vegas summers, and now she is an over the road trucker with her new hubby. Quite sad I think that all that is not being used. But I cannot garden in my situation either since I have an apartment in a downtown area and there is no room for a garden space, PLUS the street people would chow down on my produce (if they didn't trample it first).

But with tomatoes you won't need a pressure canner, but simply a water bath canner. You can Google water bath canning and see what you might need. Water bath canning only works for tomatoes with high acid contents. Low acid tomatoes and other veggies need the pressure canning system.