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I am new here. I have been living with t2 for 6 years now. I lose weight the numbers go down I dont pay attention to food my numbers go up. YO YO I am trying hard to change my life eat well and get rid of this weight and get my diabetes under control. It as been two weeks of healthy eating counting carbs etc… I had two major binges in that time…just went numb and ATE mainly sweets. I saw my doc today and she suggested I see a therapist to help me with the binge eating. I guess I am just wondering if there are others out there that use food when they are stressed etc… I am looking for some support somebody to talk to!

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TsalagiLenape 2013-02-10 10:45:06 -0600 Report

Ok what ya'll need to do is a balance. What I mean by that is you didnt gain weight nor become a diabetic overnight. So with saying that here is what I suggest as an idea ok? Eat healthy but that doesnt exclude a few snacks that are sweet. Find out what you do crave. Give in but on a small dose. Not to binge but to cure your craving. I should know I can do this at times when its not really good for us at all. Yet what I am saying is that if you do give in to your craving then do so small. Enough to get the taste and craving fixed. Limit how much you intake. You can do this! Why? Because I do it. Right now laid up due to my left leg. But the cravings dont go away. So if I crave a peppermint patty I have a small box like you get for Halloween candy of the Junior mints I eat five only! This way I can limit but take care of my craving. I am not condoning to mess up your diabetes just a healthier way to cure a craving while losing weight while keeping an eye on your blood sugars. Hugs

Nana_anna 2013-02-09 18:11:08 -0600 Report

Welcome! I think I have the same problem. Binge eating is my problem. I have to learn to stay away. Walk away even when its really tempting. I have done that three times this week. I wanted an extra helping of dinner one night. I said no. I will not give in! I have worked to hard to loose my weight! I am getting stronger! I don't need more calories! I don't exercise to eat! I exercise to get healthy! SELF TALK works! For me. Its really the will power that needs to be practiced. And to stay focused. Like an althlete training for the olympics! Keep focuse! Keep charged up! Don't give into food. That is how I do it! It's hard. I can't affort counceling. I know I would go if I could. I praise you for going though. They can give you tips to. It always helps to have positive support! Good Luck!

Set apart
Set apart 2013-02-09 07:49:31 -0600 Report

Hi welcome, I agree with everyone about the therapy, also do you have any hobbies? I love to read, sew, etc.., diabetes is so hard there are times my hubby and I sit down to watch a movie he gets the buttered popcorn, I get celery or a hard candy. I do this for myself since I don't want to have to take insulin and popcorn causes my BG to rise! Keep only what you can eat in your cupboards so not to be tempted! Good luck!

Gwen214 2013-02-09 05:08:54 -0600 Report

I do that too, when I feel like I've done things to make every work and one day I have a diabetic hiccup,, then I say myself, I've done everything right and my blood sugar still goes crazy? And then I sabotage myself and binge. I don't know if therapy would help, maybe group therapy with other diabetics going through the same thing and accountability, sort of like an alcohol anonymous, but for food.

msp107 2013-02-09 09:14:35 -0600 Report

like Overeaters anonymous I went to meetings a long time ago but had trouble staying with it.

Cpecket83 2013-02-09 02:06:41 -0600 Report

Hi MSP I'm a fellow binger- I find myself doing well during the day while I'm away from home but as soon as I hit the door I eat eat eat- I limit the amount of " bad" foods that I keep at the house but I catch myself eating too much of a good thing. I wish I could offer sound advise but since I have yet to overcome my binge habit I will simple be here to let you know that you are far from alone on this. I believe you would be surprised as to how many of us this issue affects. Good luck with breaking the habit!!

msp107 2013-02-09 09:17:20 -0600 Report

yes I am the same way I play games with myself to rationalize the binge and then I beat myself up after it happens and the depression takes over and being depressed…you guessed it I reach for food to comfort me. It is a terrible cycle that I want so badly to break out of. It is good to know that I am not alone the next time I feel a binge coming on I plan to reach out here for support

jayabee52 2013-02-07 21:11:39 -0600 Report

I agree with Joyce in the fact that therapy may do you some good. I had a pretty emotionally rugged profession before I quit it and became a Certified Nurse Aide. The therapy did me a lot of good.

and before I started managing my diabetes using meal planning and a little exercise, I had a lot of difficulty staying on the horse. I would binge a lot.

I designed a meal plan where I could discontinue my insulin, lower my insulin resistence and lose weight. If you might want to see it, just ask and I will send you a link to the write up. As a side benefit I lost about 65 lbs as well!

Blessings to you and yours


msp107 2013-02-07 21:13:40 -0600 Report

thank you James I would like to see it!

jayabee52 2013-02-07 21:22:01 -0600 Report

I want to caution you that this has worked for me, but I am not a medical or nutrition professional, so take it for what it is worth. It is also changable as you see fit. so the plan may be found here ~

Please do me the favor of commenting on what you think of it, preferably on that plan's discusson so that everyone else to whom I send it may have the benefit of your thoughts as well.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-02-07 20:19:26 -0600 Report

Welcome to the family. I use to use food for comfort back when I was stressed. I no longer stress out over most things. If it is not in my control, I do not stress about it for the simple reason I can only change what I control. I agree you should seek therapy. I used therapy to help me recognize what stress me out and how to handle it. I find it interesting to sit back and watch people stress out and the look on their face when I ask "What are you going to do about something that is none of your business and out of your control?" 99% of the time they will say I can't do anything about it. I simply say then why stress out over it. Most of the time they realize that they cannot control every aspect of their lives and the lives of others. That they cannot fix everyone's problems and to let go of the past and move towards the future. Good luck to you.

msp107 2013-02-07 21:15:33 -0600 Report

sometimes I dont know why I do (binge eat) there are so many triggers. I am currently working on recognizing the triggers before it happens and perhaps journaling it is very overwhelming but One Day at a Time!!

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