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I was scheduled to see my endo on 2/5 and had blood drawn on 1/23 in anticipation of the visit. The endo's office called on Saturday, 2/2 (I was out of town) and left me a message to call on Monday, 2/4, to re-schedule the 2/5 visit. The earliest appointment I could get was for 3/21. My past 2 blood works showed elevated TSH levels. I've been on thyroid meds (levothyroxine) since the mid-1980's. In November my TSH was elevated for the first time in years at 5.43 and on January 23, it was 9.31. The high end of normal is around 4.5. I confirmed that the endo did receive the 1/23 blood work results and asked the office aid whether I should refill my current dosage of thyroid meds or whether the dosage needed adjusting. (The TSH results, IMHO, indicate a change is in order.) She advised that the doctor reviewed the latest results and, if I received no call to change, that I should wait (6 weeks) until I see him and discuss it with him at that time. Needless to say, this makes me uneasy. Am I fretting unnecessarily or am I right to be concerned? It may be time to, once again, look for another endo! (Unfortunately, I live in a rural county of Florida where I might have to travel over an hour to get to a board-certified endocrinologist. It's a lovely area but not so great when it comes to access to good/competent medical care.) I needed to vent and would welcome any comments about this situation.

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-02-07 09:50:12 -0600 Report

Lou what I do when trying to make an appointment is ask about a wait list. If someone cancels ahead of time to call me. Works every time for me. The second thing I do is talk to the doctor. I leave a message to speak to the doctor. Why would you ask the staff person what changes you should make?

It is your own fault that you are frustrated because you settled for what someone unaware of your medical case told you instead of asking to have the doctor call you. I do not talk to the office aids in my doctors office unless it has to do with an appointment or getting a prescription faxed to the pharmacy or insurance issues. She should not have told you what she told you. More importantly you should not have listened to her. Stop being frustrated, call the office and leave a message for your doctor.

My doctor added a new prescription and told me how to take it. When I got the prescription from his nurse she gave me different instructions as to how to take it than the doctor. Needless to say she insisted she was correct. This lead to an argument because I knew what the doctor told me because I wrote it in my book. He came out of his office to see what the commotion was and she told him. He asked her why she changed his instructions. She could not come up with an answer. I told her the next time he gives me a prescription you best believe that I have asked all kinds of questions about the medication and that I have written down his instructions and all she has to do is give me the prescription and keep her mouth closed. Three months later when I went back she was gone. He fired her. According to the staff she was changing instructions the doctor had given the patients in their records.

This is your health and you can either listen to people who know nothing about your medical problems or concerns and be angry or frustrated or get the information directly from the doctor. Insist that the doctor returns your call and if he/she doesn't, I would address this with the doctor.

Type1Lou 2013-02-07 14:48:41 -0600 Report

Yep…you're right…but I needed to hear it. When rescheduling on Monday, I was put on the wait list in the event of a cancellation but don't hold out much hope there based on my prior experience with this doctor. After reading your reply, I called the office but they are already gone for the day at 3:45 PM so will call back tomorrow and insist on having the doctor call me back to allay my concerns about this. Thanks for the needed lashing.