Camp Nejeda

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Okay, so anyone who has ever been to camp Nejeda knows that it's a wonderful amazing place. Now I remember the first time that I went, I was in the car and I kept saying those 4 words that every little kid says on a road trip " are we there yet!?!" Now when we got there, the first thing I absolutely remember is, that I got out of the car looked at the sun light and said " I know I can do this." Now I know those sound like stupid words but, those 6 words helped me through my life. So I ran to my cabin and unpacked, I said hi to the girls I was sharing the cabin with, then I put on my hat and I ran out, now the first thing that happened was I met a BUNCH of new kids and of course the counselors, I felt like I was at home, and honestly I was. It felt like it was school, except I fitted in and we didn't do work for 7 annoying hours. Instead we did, archery, ran through the woods, played soccer, play ping pong, had a picnic, went swimming, and did many other amazing things. Honestly that camp made me realize that we can't give up just because diabetes is draining us down. It's like it's a endless pit, that we can't stop falling into. But that camp was everything I needed, now I plan on going back soon, but the thing is my mom said I can go by myself, but I don't wanna be apart. Now yeah I feel safe and all, it's just, I can't be away for so long. But the main point is that we can't give up, we need to push on and make it to the end, the day they find the cure we will all remember exactly what we were doing and where we were. And I certainly know where and what I was doing when I said to myself that I would never give up. Keep your head in the game, cause the day they find that cure, WE will be, free of diabetes. That day is coming soon. If anyone had any questions about camp Nejeda please private message me. It was a wonderful experience that I wish to we again. If was like sand falling through my fingers, it was just completely wonderful.

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