Hard work maynot be really that hard

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I have had some really good opportunities to talk and read about others experiences, the hard and the success, the backsteps and the recovery periods. This has been a positive experience for me on DC, and want to thank all that have participated in that.
Starting out, I actually thought this would be hard. I looked at information, and listened to my dr. While I may not have severe case and symptoms, diabetes has still changed my life and lifestyle.
I got a little frustrated because the recipes I found and looking at the nutritional information, I found I had less to eat due to high blood pressure and cholesterol. While I am more limited, I have also been able to loose 7 lbs in the last week and half to two weeks. The changes actually did not come as hard as I thought they would. The T2 management instructed by dr was weight loss that would be done with diet and exercise. Living in Nebraska, in the winter it takes some creativity to do exercise. I am not that creative, nor that motivated to be proactive on the exercise part, but I am doing more that I did. Diet has been able to get this done for me; and a little bump to try some of the recipes.
Thank you everyone for the help and encouragement.

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That is really great you have had success.

I can say now that I have had success like that, I had built it up in my mind to be tougher than it really was. Once I decided to put my feet on the path to success, I agree, the task was not all that formidable as I had once thought. Good work!