I saw my diabetologist doc today

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I may not have spelled it right but that is my diabetic doc. I saw him today and he said that even tho I have some high times and low times, he wants to keep me on my fast insulin that is short acting. He said I am doing well and agrees with me having the surgery especially since after surgery my diabetes may go away. It is a fact for many ppl with diabetes that have had it for only about 10 yrs. and have had fair to good control, this surgery often helps get the diabetes gone. Doesnt seem possible does it? I am not having the surgery for that…I need to lose weight.

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manapua72 2013-02-02 03:59:37 -0600 Report

It's a WELL KNOWN side effect of weight loss surgery that many diabetics ( type 2 ) no longer have to take their meds , off pills yes even off insulin … I had a family that had a gastric bypass surgery to loose weight that like 4-5 years ago she hasn't had to take meds since her operation … She was on oral meds & insulin too … So to answer your question of doesn't seem possible foes it , of course it's possible and if u have that side effect that's AWESOME !!!!!!!!! Some have called a cure but my doctor disagrees … We have talked about it in the past ..,.