HAPIfork for Mindful Eating

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I actually saw this featured on Fox News when they covered the Consumer Electronics Show this year. It looked really neat. This article explains it far better than I could. Have any of you seen it or used it?

Of course, spending nearly $100 on a fork would make me eat slower, too.

The giant Consumer Electronics Show, held each January in Las Vegas, had a variety of devices relevant to diabetes and obesity this year. Media buzz surrounded the HAPIfork, which is designed to help users slow down their eating. We had an opportunity to speak with Jacques Lépine, the HAPIfork engineer, and Jean Baptiste Schmauch about their unique utensil. The rationale behind the HAPIfork is that people normally feel full 20 minutes into a meal, and eating slower helps create greater awareness, and ultimately, leads to eating less food. Indeed, there is evidence linking the rate at which people eat to their overall metabolism, and potentially, their risks for type 2 diabetes. Mr. Lépine explained to us that because the fork does not dictate limits on eating, it would not cause a person to feel hungry after meals, which often occurs with calorie restriction.

We think HAPIfork’s simple design and technology represent a novel way to discourage overeating. Rather than relying on motion sensors, the fork measures the number of times contact is made with an individual’s mouth
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