Insulet Plans to Build an Integrated OmniPod Patch Pump and CGM Sensor

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At the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in January, Insulet announced that it has been working with an unnamed company to integrate a CGM sensor directly into its OmniPod patch pump. This means that instead of having separate sites on the body for the CGM/transmitter and insulin pump, both would be located at a single site – that could be a big improvement, depending on how well it works. Clinical trials are expected to start in 2014, and the device may become available to patients in the next two to three years. As a reminder, Insulet’s next-generation smaller pod was recently approved and we expect to see that on the market very soon.

In animal studies, the device has apparently shown accuracy comparable to CGMs like the Dexcom G4 Platinum, Medtronic Enlite, and Abbott Navigator.

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