Certified Low Glycemic Food Lables

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I think this is brilliant, as long as it is true and doesn't follow the "Zero Trans Fats" scam. If I could look on a label and at least get my interest in it as a lower glycemic food, I would be thrilled.

What do we recommend? Reduce your intake of carb-rich foods with ‘added refined sugars’ and ‘added refined starches’, particularly those with a high GI and join us in pushing for a dietary guideline for breads and cereals that looks something like this: ‘Eat plenty of cereals, breads and pastas — preferably wholegrain with a lower glycemic index’.

The new symbol doesn't show up in the discussion, but it is on the link here:
Very near the bottom of the page.

The GI Symbol, making healthy low GI choices easy choices. I have not seen food with this on it yet, but if anyone has, please tell us about it. I find this exciting.

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This is from Australia, but I am hoping that it shows up other places. Keep your eyes open and let us know what products you have found with this new symbol on them.