Living with type 1 diabetes is like flying a plane

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I am in my 38th year of living with Type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed at the age of 14 in November of 1976. I have no complications from diabetes and I am in the best shape of my life. I am both lucky and blessed. In the past 15 years I have been on an accelerated healing path and have gained insights and understanding that have provided me a perspective that can be of value to parents of children with diabetes, health care professionals and people with diabetes.

Diabetes is at epidemic levels in our society and it is getting worse! Children under the age of 5 are being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at increasing rates. Children under 15 are developing Type 2 Diabetes. The current oral treatments that are effective for adults with Type 2 are not for children. 25 million Americans have diabetes and 79 million have pre-diabetes, which means they will develop it over time.

Type 1 Diabetes, especially, is a very complicated challenge. A system of the body that is involved in metabolism of carbohydrates into glucose in the blood is destroyed. This is a critical system. Without injectable insulin a person with Type 1 diabetes will die in a matter of days. A manual system consisting of insulin injections, counting carbohydrate grams and blood sugar testing with finger pricks makes up the foundational components of this manual system. The doctors provide the equipment and, often times the education. There are other avenues to get more information like Certified Diabetes Educators and Diabetes Education Centers. Very few people get the education they need and, even if they do, it is often inadequate or not internalized.

I am combining my twenty-five year career as a corporate training executive and coach, fifteen years of yoga training and practice, and lifetime as a human being living with diabetes who has always maintained the primary objective in life to heal diabetes. My journey has brought me to the desire to share my understandings, insights and systems with others who are challenged by this condition.

I have a website where I have been posting blogs for the past 5 years. Starting to post videos and getting some tech help to make some of the videos animated with an Avatar.

My focus is to assist parents with children with Type 1. I have used a metaphor for understanding the system that must be monitored and maintained 24/7. I call it "Flying the Plane." The videos and blogs describe the metaphor and I offer training in how to fly the plane. Children need a co-pilot and it is the competent and caring parent who can play that role.

The way I have decided to offer my expertise and experience is through an initial three week relationship. This includes communication via phone, email and website interaction.

Let me know if I can help.

Michael Mahanger
Coach, Trainer, Meditation Guide & Certified Yoga Teacher

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Hello Michael:

What is your meditative and yogic backgrounds respectively? Your Curriculum vitae, if you will? Thanks