Sizing Up Your Plate: Why Portion Control Matters

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Whether you have diabetes or simply want to reduce your risk, monitoring food portion sizes will make it easier to keep your blood glucose levels and your weight in check.

By Kristen Stewart
Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH
Stay Away From Supersizing

Supersizing is a supersized danger when it comes to portion control. Avoid it at all costs. The average soda today is 20 ounces and 250 calories — compare that to 20 years ago when it was 6.5 ounces and 82 calories. Don’t get carried away with bigger portion sizes just because it’s a good deal for your wallet. Your waist and health will pay for it, especially if you have diabetes.

How to Measure Food Portions for Diabetes Control. Watch this video and disocover how to quickly calculate healthy portion sizes whether you're eating out or dining at home.
View slide show and video here:

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Fefe12 2013-02-27 03:37:22 -0600 Report

America has come a long way, everything from jewlery, to cars and food has to be ''supersized''. We are doing ourselves a disservice, not everything has to be big. Just read your food lables to see how the food producers are not our friend. We have to change our mindset and reteach ourselves to stop eating when we are full. To share when we go out to eat, and to push our plates away even if there is food on it. Salmon for breakfast anyone!

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