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Started 2013-01-25 11:26:14 -0600

I wake up this morning, check my blood pressure,it was 55/88 . I dont know what to do…any advise from you guys?

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Safari4 2013-01-26 09:54:37 -0600 Report

Good 2 know, James. Also, anyone taking BP meds, take them at night. They help me sleep but if I take them in the morning, I drowsy all day.

Safari4 2013-01-26 09:51:39 -0600 Report

Glad U changed that 55/88 not good…155/88 not terrible. I take BP meds so my blood pressure is managed…still have to work on stress management as I get older and now that I know it raised my BG…welcome and good luck on that.

Kirla 2013-01-26 09:45:13 -0600 Report

Do you measure your blood pressure at home. If you only measure it at the doctor’s office it might not be as bad as you think. Some people get what you call white coat high blood pressure. It’s when seeing your doctor your blood pressure goes high.

I have that problem. When I test at home it is normal. But at the doctors it is high. My blood pressure machine I can download and print a copy of my blood pressure reading and give a copy to my doctor.

If you decide to buy a machine. I take mine to the doctors office with me. After they test my blood pressure, I will test again with my machine to compare the results with what they got at the office. That way I know for sure that my machine and the one at the doctors get similar results.

kabayan 2013-01-25 12:28:47 -0600 Report

Srt to hear that Jay,…i didnt see my doctor for almost a year now cause she let me stop using med( im T2 no meds/ diet/exercise) can i buy over the counter med for my HBP?

jayabee52 2013-01-25 12:50:42 -0600 Report

Howdy Kabayan

yes there are things you can take OTC to relieve HBP. See the article from Livestrong here ~ http://www.livestrong.com/article/26322-over-...

There ARE things also which are non-pharmacological ways of lessening BP as well. See the discussion here ~ http://www.cyclingforums.com/t/336109/non-pha...

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jayabee52 2013-01-25 12:17:21 -0600 Report

If you can get it down without meds it would be the best, but a combination of HBP and High Blood glucose readings from diabetes put me on the road to Chrinic Kidney disease and soon to come dialysis. So if you just cannot get your BP down, use medications to get it down. You don't want to end up on the dialysis machine like I will be soon.


EJMac 2013-01-25 21:50:12 -0600 Report

Sorry to hear that James. I have stage 3 kidney disease. Hope that it goes down SLOWLY. Guess there isn't a whole lot you can do but keep BG good abd BP good. You were on dialysis before, right?