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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my results with you because you have all helped me in various ways. This site has been a great find and you have all been wonderful. As you may know, I was diagnosed with T2 in August with an A1C of 14. In October I was down to 7.1. Today I am 5.6! Woohoo! My average glucose is 114. My cholesterol has come down even more (no meds!) and I have full liver and kidney function. The doctor says I am healthy and in control! I refuse to ever let diabetes win. It's much more fun to kick its butt :) Now I just have to keep this going! Have a great night!

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CJ55 2013-02-15 21:55:43 -0600 Report

Congrats Sandy!!!! A job, very well done. Keep up the wonderful things you are doing. Have a great night!! Hugz CJ

Kirk H
Kirk H 2013-01-29 14:12:42 -0600 Report

I understand now how good it feels to accomplish what you did. When I was was diagnosed with T2 last April my A1c was 9…my latest test showed a drop to 5.9…I have also dropped 30 pounds…even having diabetes, with my changed diet and drastic increase in excersize I feel better than I have for years.

youngster24 2013-01-27 19:01:46 -0600 Report

I had a a1c and mine was i think a 10 or so. And this other test they gave me the result was a 404 or a 414. What is a glucose number? I'm suppose to go see a diabetic specialist feb 25. They can't get my sugar undercontrol. And the drs said tht if i dnt fix it now that i could die or loose a limb before I'm age 30. And I'm trying to get on disability but its not going to good. Please help.. any info would be greatly appreciate

irisheys122 2013-01-27 05:47:32 -0600 Report

Sandy you really rocked that A1C - I can only imagine how hard you've worked to bring your numbers down so amazingly!! Congrats!!

SandySilvers 2013-01-27 09:23:24 -0600 Report

Thank you! Yes, I really worked hard. I read and researced anything I could get my hands on. Low carb meal plan, walk 1-2 miles a day, and tested ALOT so that I could figure out the best foods for me. But it's paid off…so i'm going to stick with it!

manapua72 2013-01-24 23:08:56 -0600 Report

Thats great … What ever it is you're doing to manage your diabetes , don't stop … It's really working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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