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So i was reading that life spans are generally equal to size. All living things generally have an avg of one and a half billion heartbeats before the end. I tend to have an avg heart rate of around 100 which mathematically means ill end around ummmm now. Ok wait, i added in some other factors like sleep and seems ill expire around 38… Still not smiling about that.

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Diefleu 2013-01-25 14:08:28 -0600 Report

Well these responses r funny! I don't have any plans on walking out the door by 38! I have a two year old son, I'm in great shape, no fat, athletic, no drugs at all. I just generally have a fast heart beat. I assume ill get on something to help slow it down a lil. Whats all funny is ill work out n my heart rate wont go to high. I do pretty intense work outs and stay around 150. So yea im not saying any good byes. The thought and mathematics are a lil scary but im a fighter.

jayabee52 2013-01-24 12:57:57 -0600 Report

By all rights I should be GONE already! I have come close a couple of times. But since I am still here kicking, I must be doing something right. Or as someone else recently posted to me in a PM "Someone up there must like you".

GabbyPA 2013-01-24 11:21:42 -0600 Report

Is there a way you can get your heart rate in a better place? Just wondering.
Or since you are about to go at 38 what will be your greatest achievement? Planning on that at all?

Seriously, while things are generally true, as we know from being diabetic, we are all uniquely different from the stereotypes of generalities. If the perceived problem is life span and the shortness of it, then make it all count. If the goal is to make it longer, then go for it. Make your life the exception to the rule. Nothing tastes sweeter than that kind of revenge.

Lady.Grantham 2013-01-24 06:33:48 -0600 Report

Then I should have not made it past oh I dunno 35…and I will be 45 this year :) yeah me… Lol I am truly excited about that … I am excited about every year , I have the most amazing husband and a lot of life left to live … :) !!!! Just have fun and eat right !!! Enjoy life start everyday with a positive thought !!!!!

Young1s 2013-01-24 03:56:06 -0600 Report

Okay, I' ll have to have a talk with my youngest about this. She's learning about alleles, genes, etc right now. But, I would hate to think that you're on your way out now. I believe that it's a matter of how you are taking care of yourself. Fact of the matter is, you never know when your time is up. So, I say "Enjoy life", just do so smartly, not recklessly.