Diabetes Care Guidelines are General and meant to be Modified for You!

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Guidelime: (Noun) A general rule, principle, or piece of advice

The basic advice that is given for diabetes care and management is just a guideline, one that allows for a certain degree of flexibility based on the individual.


Because diabetes, as well as it's care and management, varies just as widely as the individuals whom have diabetes, what works for one may (or) may not work for another, and what works today may not work tomorrow!

Methods are changed, medications and dosages are modified and sometimes eliminated all together, possibly replaced by other medications.
Carb counting, portion sizes, specialized diets, home remedies, old wives (husbands) tales, folklore and superstition abound not to mention "snake oil" salesman pitching their wares.

Diabetes care continously bends, yet it never breaks.

Look at the guidelines, discuss this with your diabetes medical team, work out a plan of management, allow for a degree of flexibility (after all you are human) and do your best, be sold on that of which you know works for you.

Don't go on how you feel, that is a very "poor" indicator of your management "skills" go by your numbers, they represent what is really going on inside of your body, day in and day out.


Diabetes is an "Individuals" disease, and you are an "Individual"!

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