Insulin injections/syringe needles

By gadgetgirl007 Latest Reply 2013-01-22 20:00:28 -0600
Started 2013-01-22 04:19:59 -0600

How come there are times I try to inject my Novolin insulin with a new syringe, & the needle pokes and hurts but doesn't break the skin? I've heard sometimes a new needle can be dull, but I can try again with the same syringe in a little different spot, and if patient and go extra extra slowly, can get the needle in and inject. What gives?????

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type1skillset 2013-01-22 20:00:28 -0600 Report

What gauge needle are you using?. That is the first concern I have. If you are not using a 32 gauge needle, I suggest you go to the Dr and start using a pen so that you can get one. I am sorry to hear that you are having the trouble you are. If your gauge is 32, then try doing it after a shower. Also I would make sure you are changing each time as like the others, I have never had a problem with a new needle and I have been injecting 6 times a day for 35 years. Hope this advice helps and good luck.

manapua72 2013-01-22 07:59:06 -0600 Report

Never ever had that problem before … I was doing 6-8 shots a day and never ever had a problem with the needle penetrating my skin … Of course I used a brand new needle everytime … Our u trying to inject in scar tissue ??? Maybe that could be an issue … Or r u buying a generic needle that might have dull inferior needles ??? You should mention this to your doctor or pharmacist … They could tell u proper injection technique , recommend good brand of needles , also good area to inject @ … Hope this helps …

gadgetgirl007 2013-01-22 08:05:11 -0600 Report

Thanks, I always use a new needle, using suggested arm & leg injection sites, arms could have scarring, hadn't used legs in a very long time, occasionally stomach, but there often bruises.