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Ok it has been almost a year since I was diagnosied as a type1 diabetic,Feb 9th 7:08 pm is my diagnosis anniversary ,722 was my number at the time i was admited to the hospitle, at first I was shocked and in denial about it,then anger "why me at 43 years of age",next was fear and terror about all the possible complications and the thought of this disease slowly killing me,after months of living in fear of this monster called diabetes I finally accepted the fact that I would have this till the end of my days and I could let it control me and the way I lived or I could fight it hard and do what needed to be done to control it to some degree and live life,I chose to quit feeling sorry for myself and as has been said befor I have diabetes but it dose not have me,just curious about how others have handled it and did you experiance some of the same feelings.

Peace Cowboy

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-01-21 10:21:26 -0600 Report

I did not go through that for these reasons:
-Denial-It only hurts you and can make the condition worse
-Anger-What is the point in wasting energy on anger when that energy can be used learning how to take care of yourself
-Why Me-No one realizes there is no viable answer to that question.

I had to take responsibility for my condition. Prior to being diagnosed, I knew that it can cause blindness and the loss of limbs. I also knew that I could still do the things I liked and wanted to do. Fortunately because took care of my self from the beginning, I have never been hospitalized at all since being diagnosed.

It is good that you are taking care of yourself. You have to keep moving forward and not look back on the what have's, I could have or I should have. You can't go back and regain lost ground.

Gwen214 2013-01-21 08:48:40 -0600 Report

Hi my story is, I was diagnosed at 12. I went through the "why me" phase and stayed there until I turned 30. We had a test done in school and the nurse thought I may have scoliosis. Well ass my parents took me in, the doc examined me and ran additional test. At that time he sat everyone down and told us that I have type 1 diabetes. I had no clue at the time and I remember seeing a panic, confused look on my parents faces. They quickly said that I needed to be admited for 3 days. I instead stayed for a week and a half. I was my suppose to leave until I was able to give myself a shot. My blood sugar level at diagnosis was 248. My doc Told my parents that I'm lucky that that this was caught early. I'm 39 now and on a pump and my blood sugars are mostly normal, except when I'm sick, stressed etc. I recently developed 2 other issues, and have an acute depression. But over all I'm doing well.

jayabee52 2013-01-21 03:13:50 -0600 Report

Glad to learn that you have decided to fight it Cowboy!

Unfortunately It took me much longer to get to the point where I learned how to fight Diabetes Mellitus (DM) more effectively. For the longest time I was also in denial. It took my 1st wife threatening to divorce me if I didn't start taking care of myself.

I started taking my medication, and she didn't divorce me at that time, she did divorce me years later over other issues, but she also used my denial against me. She was afraid that I'd stop taking care of myself and she didn't want to have to take care of me if I got complications. So it did figure into her divorce calculations.

I really did not understand a lot about DM until I got on Diabetic Connect and figured out that I could manage my DM without DM meds IF I ate VERY carefully. Unfortunately a lot of my DM complicatioons were already in place by the time I got there.


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