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What I mean by I was down but know I am back is that my kitty paid on the computer sometime in December while I was in the midst of completing last semesters term when all of a sudded I came back to the screen and it was black, on but black and nothing I did at the time worked. Then school was out for the hoildays so therefore I could not get access to any computer.

Until one day in the new year I talked to an old schooll friend and got on the issue of the computer, so she gave me one good tip- turn off the computer to allow it time to re-boot itself- by unplugging it- so I did for about a week or so, then all of a sudden it hit my mind to plug it up t see if it would come on again! Well, it worked!! So therefore I was down and could not access the DC community but now I am back!!

I can checkin more often and close the kitty- Spunky out of the computer room so I will not cross that problem again!!!

It's great to read many of the postings that I have missed!!!


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Ms. DAT 2013-01-20 00:03:35 -0600 Report

I meant to say laid not paid on the computer!! and also sudden not sudded. I guess i am so excited to be back until I am making all knids of typo's without glasses. I think you get my point, anyway!! Thanks for understanding!!

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