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Hi everyone! Just a quick question. I had to get blood drawn for my upcoming doctor appointment on Thursday. This is only my 2nd A1C since my diagnosis last August. In August it was 14 (yeah I know). In October it was 7.1 (getting there!). I have been working super hard to get better control. And from the numbers I am getting it looks like I'm doing pretty well (my meter is showing me 109 avg for 14 days, 110 for 30, and 110 for 90). In your experiences do your A1Cs usually come out fairly close to your meter averages? I'm just kind of curious as to what I can expect from this one. Thank you for any feedback!!

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juicee244 2013-01-29 17:30:16 -0600 Report

Oh yes fairly fair I need help with mines what r u doing to keep it in that range it is hard for me. When I took my a1C it was 12.0 then after it showed 9.0 I'm still trying I even started taking chia seed and have to take an A1C in February I hope its gotten better

SandySilvers 2013-01-29 18:39:44 -0600 Report

As soon as I was diagnosed I made up my mind that things were going to change. I didn't want major complications and I certainly didn't want to die at an early age (I'm 42 next week!). I was just so scared. So I took time and researched and read everything I could get my hands on-even the opposing opinions. I started exercising (just 10 minutes a day). I started eating lower carb meals (I also tested alot so that I could determine the right foods for me and also the right number of carbs that I should be eating everyday). I took my medicine faithfully. And I tried to keep a positive attitude. And the weight started to fall off. And my metabolism started to get better. And my pancrea started to like me more. LOL. Today I feel great. I don't have "bad" days anymore. I am still losing weight, although it's a little slower now (but I'm very happy with 41 lbs!). I still take my medicine 100 mg Januvia and 15 units of Lantus in the morning. My doctor says she may start lowering my insulin a little so that I don't get too low. And I walk 1-2 miles a day. I won't give up. And the best part is that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Ridgewalker 2013-01-24 13:16:23 -0600 Report

I have multiple doctors who do multiple tests like A1C. The results are never the same, sometimes one lab will be totally wacky like one time my insulin showed 116. I'd believe your meter averages more than lab tests. A1C shows your average levels over the last 90 days or so. Don't worry if it's high, just eat less wheat since wheat is the highest glycemic food we eat on a regular basis. Cut out grains and watch it tumble.

begonia 2013-01-20 20:29:33 -0600 Report

I have had many problems w/am sugars until last few months when I really started nailing it(when to have evening snacks to avoid big shifts and what to have also).It only took me about seven years though to get over anxiety 0f possibly having low blood sugars overnight.I am maintaining at borderline a1c at 6.0 right now down from 6.3 6mths ago.Everybodys blood sugar reacts a little differently to different types of foods so I had to figure out how far I should let sugar go down in pm after having dinner(I eat late due to work and that's a pain)and for me my cut off is usually before nine and b.sugars around 90 or just barely under when I decide to have snack.I have found that things like a few pretzel thins and dip(very low in carbs if dip is minimal carb,jello pudding snacks that are sugar free,yoplait light(most have only 16 carbs).Cheese puffs are awesome if you're actually hungry low carbs and filling at same time.If your hungry and b.sugar a little high(atleast for me high before bed is 100 to 120)I eat dole no sugar added fruit cups,usually pears as they are only 10 carbs so practically considered a freebie on the glycemic index and it's sweet enough to feel like a treat or late dessert.Hope that some of this has helped you in some way.Oh,by the way,pepperoni and a small amount of cheese and a couple ritz crackers are good evening snack.They balance the protein and carbs as long as you keep the ritz to just a few,maybe five for me.God bless and good luck.

SamG 2013-01-24 13:32:46 -0600 Report

You mentioned about balance of carbs and protein.
How do you determine the right ratio between carbs and protein.
I have CKD stage 3.
If I take more than 50 gm carbs/ meal then my BG spikes up high, and if I take protein more than 25 gm/meal than my protein in urine gets higher.
I know that there is no easy answer, but I hoping that you have figured this out.
Please reply

jayabee52 2013-01-24 13:47:05 -0600 Report

Sam I am CKD stage 4 and will be beginning dialysis this coming week (so I guess that makes me stage 5 - ESRD)

I have just had my labs and my Kidney specialist took a look at my labs and told me my protein intake looks good! I eat a lot of meat, plus I drink a couple of whey protein shakes each day. He says he'd rather see me with high protein because it supports my health. There are, I beleive, a lot of myths floating around out there about kidneys and protein.

If you wish I can send you via Private mail many of the articles I have collected about CKD and meal planning over the years.

All you need to is ask. ( I won't post them here so as to not hijack this thread)

Any one else who would like to receive these as well just ask!


SamG 2013-01-25 00:14:30 -0600 Report

Have you looked into Retuxin and cyclosporine protocol(treatment)
FDA has not yet approved it, but it is done in Europe on regular basis.
Expensive but good success rate.

jayabee52 2013-01-25 10:05:18 -0600 Report

No, Sam I was not aware of this before you mentioned it. I'll have to look it up.

EDIT: After reading many pages of a study on Retuxin ~ http://www.aetna.com/cpb/medical/data/300_399... It seems to me that the retuxin is mainly for an anti rejection medication after receiving a "solid organ" transplant. From what I can determine it would not be useful to me at this point in my disease path. Or do you have links to some of those European studies which show differently?

SamG 2013-01-24 14:10:46 -0600 Report

You are so right. It is very confusing.
Yes, please send me the link. I will highly appreciate it.
Moreover based on my research I found out that there is a kidney hospital in China that claims to reduce protein in 24 hr urine to less than 1 gm which means preserve kidney function for longer time.
They want you to stay in the hospital for one month and tHey treat you with some physical therapy+ herbal treatment + heat treatment. This way Dialysis can be avoided for 5 - 10 years ( they claim). ??
I am still exploring and if I find out that it is half way genuine, I will go to China and take a risk. I am talking to a Chinese doctor and she is very convincing. She is the one who told me to take good amount of protein unlike my doctor who wants me on very low protein diet.
I hope and pray that your CKD reverses.
Thanks for very informative web site.

jayabee52 2013-01-24 14:14:34 -0600 Report

actually there are several links gathered over 4 yrs of my being here, and I will be forthcoming soon as I can get it formulated.

I have been in contact with the hospital in china and I am rather skeptical of their claims. In fact they have seemed TOO hard sell for my taste. To me that speaks of them wanting my $ too much. I asked them if their treatments will ever be available here in the US, and they said they'll get back to me — that was over 2 yrs ago.

I am on disability payments so my ability to go to China is non existent.

tabby9146 2013-01-20 17:20:18 -0600 Report

Congrats, hard work sure does pay off!

SandySilvers 2013-01-20 17:28:41 -0600 Report

Thank you Tabby! I am cautiously optimistic about my doctor appt on Thursday! I've learned in this short time just how unpredictable Diabetes can be, so I never rule anything out lol. But I just told my husband today that I am feeling better than I have in years, and I don't really have "bad" days anymore (feeling lousy, moody, and exhausted) so I know that's got to count for something! LOL

Safari4 2013-01-20 11:20:45 -0600 Report

Yes, it should continue to come down but I learned a. Interesting thing in my diabetes class. If you have a lot of highs and a lot of lows, your A1C could average out to a normal range. I also learned that our BG meters have an accuracy of about 20% + or - I find that a little scary. It's a good thing that I'm not a worrier.

begonia 2013-01-20 20:41:18 -0600 Report

I am a worrier personally.Have anxiety disorder and have given myself low blood sugars many times just from worrying about them all of the time.Please take my advice diabetes can cause people to start having panic attacks especially if you have lows often or are worrying about having one.I was given dx of panic attacks 2 yrs after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes and suffered from them forever because I didn't know what they were or rather the symptoms they cause and ended up at er 2 times and hospital stay once as dr originally thought might be heart concern because of severity of symptoms.The advice is don't worry about sugars too much instead keep in close touch with your doctor and your diabetes connect group will help too because if you worry too much like me then you end up miserable most of the time and on meds to control the attacks.Took me years to iron out my anxiety issues as life stress became more frequent and sugars bobbed allover the place and now I have to take ativan for heavy stress situations and panic attacks at random.Ask for help if you are worried.It will save you a lot of future worries.

SandySilvers 2013-01-20 14:54:12 -0600 Report

I always thought that the 20% was a little scary myself! I guess i've learned to look more at the consistency of my numbers and the ''big picture'' and that's helped me alot. My numbers are pretty consistent. I don't see alot of highs or lows. I test alot - mostly before and after meals…but I check at random times too. I don't see any really big swings either on the high side or low side. I try to stick with the foods that won't spike my BG too high.

type1skillset 2013-01-19 16:02:43 -0600 Report

Hi Sandy, your A1c is now basically where you want it to be so congratulations. One way to tell if your A1c accurately reflects your control is to look at the Standard Deviation of your results (ask your dr or health care provider to show you how to find this on your meters software). If it is less than 4 then your blood glucose has been a good measure of your A1c. I would also reiterate Jayabee's comments below. Good luck for your future results.

jayabee52 2013-01-19 14:18:36 -0600 Report

There is a bit of a correlation, but really the meters and the A1c are measurng 2 different things.

The meter only captures your Blood Glucose (BG) readings in one moment of time. Like a still camera.

The A1c is more like a video camera. It capture the records of your BG levels 24/7 for 90 days weighted toward the most recent 2 weeks.

If you have taken your BGs during the day time and averaged them, and then you had lows overnight, the A1c may not come anywhere close to the averages on your meter because your A1c recorded your lows as well as your highs.

Nick1962 2013-01-19 16:11:37 -0600 Report

I like that analogy James and it's dead on accurate. You can easily manipulate the data by testing at times you know you are low, but the A1c will rat you out.

SandySilvers 2013-01-19 16:20:53 -0600 Report

Here's a ''dumb'' question…if i'm experiencing any lows at night, would I know if i'm sleeping right through it? Would I wake up? Or is the only way to know if I am is by testing? My normal morning readings are between 97 and 105, give or take a few.

Nick1962 2013-01-19 18:47:20 -0600 Report

Not a dumb question at all, and the first link Mays shared describes a night low pretty well. Truth is, your brain really won’t let you sleep through most any trauma if it can help it. Ever get that sudden body jerk when you’re just about to dose off for a nap or something? That’s your brain checking to make sure you’re not dying, and that it’s OK to “check out” for a while.
I don’t normally feel my lows, and have gone as far down as 40 (mg/dl) before I got the shakes. When I was really restricting myself, I would frequently wake up in a sweat, and this was almost always the start of a “liver dump” – the part where your body knows it’s low and your liver manufactures glucose as a self correction/protection measure. The few times I actually caught it and knew what it was I went from 52 to 110 in less than 15 minutes without any food or drink. I snack before bed and it doesn’t happen anymore.
Your morning numbers are pretty darn good considering you had a 14 A1c less than 6 months ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if those were in the mid 80’s by the end of the year.

SandySilvers 2013-01-19 19:26:53 -0600 Report

I'm usually around 110 before bed. When I have a bedtime snack, i'll usually have some popcorn. My FBG this morning was 93, which is the lowest that i've had so far (although i've had quite a few in the mid-high 90's). I think that I may have experienced a sort of ''false'' low right before lunch a few times actually. I got a little headache and was suddenly starving right before my normal lunchtime. So i'd check my blood but I was in the 80's. I did some reading and I think that it was my body getting used to the lower numbers. Now i've had several readings in the 80s and I feel fine, no issues. Does this sound familiar to you guys?

Nick1962 2013-01-19 19:44:03 -0600 Report

Yep, it sure does sound familiar, and it's a good thing. You are going through a sort of "withdrawal". Popcorn as a night snack, ehhh, there might be better options, but if your A1c reflects you 110mg/dl 90 day average as accurate, you're looking at an A1c of under 6, which is pretty stellar in my book.
If you're starving before lunch, grab a handful of nuts to stave off that feeling and maybe don't eat so much for lunch, or save some of it for a 3:00 snack.
You're doing way better than most of us here ever did, so way to go! I think you should be taking some of the newbies here by the hand because you're obviously doing it right.

SandySilvers 2013-01-19 19:53:43 -0600 Report

Thank you! To be honest, my diagnosis scared the heck out of me and I just realized right away that I had to change things. So i've thrown myself into learning and testing and healthy eating. I exercise everyday now and it's paying off. I feel so much better and i've lost 41lbs since September. It's become my lifestyle. My grandfather was diabetic, and never took care of himself. Ended up having a couple of strokes. I just wish I had known more about diabetes BEFORE I was diagnosed. But I guess I can only concentrate on now and my future, and do the best I can with what i've been handed. Finding this site has really been wonderful. I've learned alot and everyone is so great.

Nick1962 2013-01-19 20:26:09 -0600 Report

Oh don't thank me, I learned the same way you are. It was a real wake up call. Congrats on the 41 lbs! I know that has to feel good, and I'm sure it has made things better in a lot areas of your life.
Yeah, I didn't know squat about diabetes either, but as the old saying goes, experience is something you get right AFTER you need it.
Hope you have the time to hang around here more often, there sure are a lot of folks who would gain from your experience.

MAYS 2013-01-19 17:52:29 -0600 Report

It's pretty hard to sleep when you are having a low blood sugar incident, the first thing that your body will do is to send out a warning that something is wrong, although some people do sleep well and experience symptoms in the morning upon wakening!

These may interest you, please read them carefully:




SandySilvers 2013-01-19 18:19:30 -0600 Report

Ok, thank you everyone! It looks to me as if I haven't experienced a low (yet), but I think I will try taking a few readings at night to see what my body is up to during that time.

Nova69 2013-01-19 17:37:22 -0600 Report

I always wake up. If you're low, you may get the shakes, headache, feel clammy, etc. Best option - If you feel weird, test. Be sure to have a source of quick glucose such as glucose tabs, orange juice, sugary drink, candy, etc. available at all times. I always keep some M&Ms by the bed and that does the trick for me.

SandySilvers 2013-01-19 16:10:29 -0600 Report

Thank you for that info! I do check several times during the day (FBG, before meals, after lunch and dinner, and before bed) but I have never checked during the night.

manapua72 2013-01-19 13:43:06 -0600 Report

It should , but the meters r a bit off … Your #'s r great keep it up …, I'm sure u will be happy with your A1c results … Keeping your blood sugar in control will prevent & delay complications so good for u !!!!!!!!!!!!!

SandySilvers 2013-01-19 13:50:45 -0600 Report

Thanks for your encouragement! I just found out that I have diabetic retinopathy (but luckily no other major complications so far), so I am REALLY trying to get good control and stay there!