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Well I went and visited my GP today and was pretty disappointed. He hadn't even read my Blood test results yet so he had no idea I had already been diagnosed as being Type 1 diabetes. It was probably a darn good thing I went to the emerge so I had a meter and some meds to help until my endo appointment.
Today when I tested my blood it only said HI. I found out that meant I was over 33 mmol. I received insulin today and took my first needle today. Good thing for my husband cause I just couldn't do it.
The good news is my BG has gone down to 15mmol. Still not where it should be but I will get there!!
Thanks for all of the support from everyone. I really appreciate all of the help in selecting foods to eat etc.

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GabbyPA 2013-01-19 10:48:28 -0600 Report

The important thing is that now you have a team to start working your wan through it all. Insulin for a type 1 is the life saving treatment. It's great that your husband is able to help out. That will be so important to your support. I know it was disappointing on your visit, but at least now you know and you are getting a plan together. I think your disappointment will change to relief once you realize that you are working toward a common goal.

We are here for you.

MAYS 2013-01-19 05:25:06 -0600 Report

Managing your diabetes is just intimidating in thought, once you start doing it, it will become easier and much more enjoyable, actuality is your best ally!
You can do it!

manapua72 2013-01-19 00:26:20 -0600 Report

Well being type 1 you're gonna be taking insulin for the rest of your life , unless they find a cure … That being said , how will I be getting your insulin , shots via syringes or insulin pens or a pump ??? I used pens and was still outta control . In mid November , 11/14/12 WORLD DIABETES DAY I put my pump on since that day I've gained much better control of my diabetes …

Maggs777 2013-01-19 01:31:26 -0600 Report

They have put me on the pen for now. I checked my BG 2 hours after I ate dinner and I went back up to 18.9 mmol. I also did a ketone test and I am back up to the second last color grid. GRRR…it is very frustrating considering I am doing everything they are telling me to do and it is still not coming down. I'm getting frustrated to say the least.

jayabee52 2013-01-18 23:33:25 -0600 Report

You have a very friendly meter! Mine doesn't greet me with Hi in the morning! LoL! ( here in the USA the limits on our meters top out at 600 mg/dl, 33 mmol/l )

(33 mmol/l = 594 mg/dl, 15 mmol/l = 270 mg/dl,)


That is shocking your GP hadn't read yourr blood test.

I pray you do get your BGs dpwm where they should be


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