Adrenal insufficiency

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Well I got my phone call yesterday from doc after I had my ACTH test done on Wednesday. I have adrenal insufficiency, I have to be on hydrocortisone for the rest of my life. I am happy though because now I know what was causing I severe drop in BG… I was told by my doc that I am not to eat carbs if I can avoid it, because it would be better for me :( , but I love carbs … Lol they are my friends … Lol that was the worst part for me :( …oh well there is worse things in live … back to cleaning and laundry … I know I feel like doing spring cleaning today !!!

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Lady.Grantham 2013-01-18 17:43:44 -0600 Report

Thank you Jay … I guess the reason I am so matter of fact about it is that since 2011my life has changed from one day to the other that I couldn't walk anymore ( rest assure I am able to walk again I will get there ) we had a going away party for a coworker at a chili's and everything was fine ( I don't drink ) that was on a fri on sat morning everything was fine … Sunday morning when I woke up I told my husband my ankles hurt really bad he said to me that they had looked really red so we but some cold compresses on and I took some aleve. That afternoon it got so bad I could barely walk, so hubby took me to the ER… While waiting there it got so bad my whole body got so stiff, I had stomach pains , pains so bad I have never had in my life worse than giving birth … I mean it was so bad… They took me back there immediately and they tried to figure out what was going on … They gave me morphine and it didn't help at all they found out because I had severe vitamin d deficiency I was not feeling the pain medication so they gave me the strongest pain meds they had with Benadryl and I was just sitting there with milder but tolerable pain. I was there for 2 days cause they couldn't get the pain under control and they could never figure out what caused it … I went home but I was no longer able to walk … I had to go to a rheumatologist and the doc thought my rheumatoid arthritis might have flared up he but me and several meds and pain killers and I was on temporary disability from work …it was so weird that I couldn't walk and I had to take all that prednisone … It took about 3 month and during that time I fell because of that pain once and my husband had to take me once because I once got the weirdest skin reactions along with the severe pain it was so read and swollen in my face and my body it was like nothing I ever experienced…the doc still thinks that I might have lupus trying to make itself present … I have problems with shortness of breath I have an heart issue … I can never remember what that is called … I have clubbing in my fingers and toes .. I have fibromyalgia … Ankylosing spondylitis … Thyroid disease… Diabetes … Adrenal insufficiency… IBS… Depression…and last but certainly not least insomnia … So I guess since 2011 nothing can shake me up anymore … It came and the same way it came it disappeared … Well just much slower … I have been able to walk without my cane now for 13 weeks :) !

jayabee52 2013-01-18 18:30:25 -0600 Report

I pray you don't have SLE (lupis). That is one of those diseases which IMO is WORST! My 2nd wife had SLE and her final days were so very painful that it hurt ME just watching her suffer. In fact your situation sounds much like "Jem's" — except Jem was totally blind.

Lady.Grantham 2013-01-18 19:18:31 -0600 Report

I am so very sorry for your loss Jay … I think they only thing that I am really " suffering" from is seeing my husband trying to be so strong and I know it hurts him so much … That is the only thing I am not so matter of fact about !!!

jayabee52 2013-01-18 20:07:48 -0600 Report

I knew much of her medical history not long after we first met online. It was a major topic of conversation between us. But until I lived with her for a while I really had no idea of what she went through with a SLE, or a RA "flare" or dealing with the meds she had to take to control them. The only meds she was able to use was a corticosteroid shot or a round of predinsone tablets (she was allergic to most anything else). Of course those meds pushed her BG levels into the stratosphere and we had to work hard to get her close to normal.

Since whe was blind I had to take her BG levels, and look on the sliding scale charts for the two extra insulins she needed to take when she got like that, and the draw up the correct amount of that particular type insulin and often would need to inject her.

So I was very involved in her life. Probably more than the average husband. I believe that drew us even closer together.

I knew that her life could fail at any time. So I had kinda mentally prepared for it.

It was the best 3 yrs of my life knowing and being with her. The only thing I would have liked is more time with this wonderful, intelligent, funny and wise lady. I knew she could pass at amy time, so I hurried to marry her. (she had been engaged twice and in a LTR who wouldn't commit to her. so she had a rejection complex with men) In fact she would have had a birthday this past week (1/14) and her friends remembered her on her birthday and told me how happy I had made her last 3 yrs of life. Those years wer very happy for me also. Right up there with the births of my sons.

So I know somewhat of what your husband if going through!

Lady.Grantham 2013-01-19 05:21:52 -0600 Report

You have been true so much already …that was so sweet of you to be able to make her life so happy in her most difficult time:) . I just wish they would stop finding individual diseases and give me a definite diagnosis …but they said they are not quite there yet and that I have to have patients …oh well …

jayabee52 2013-01-19 12:45:34 -0600 Report

I was not with Hem at the time of her Dx with SLE, but I was with her when she got the news she was Dx'd with RA. But when she spoke about the time she was Dx'd with SLE she said they had a hard time of pinning it down just exactly what it was. It took them several tries to get a definitive Dx of SLE. I guess because it looked like many different things were going on with her body. That is why IMO SLE is the worst! Even more difficult than Diabetes.

jayabee52 2013-01-18 23:00:36 -0600 Report

My Jem's mom was dying from non-hodgkins lymphoma (dx'd about 6 mos after I met Jem online. Her mom did alll that for her up until I started living there. Her mom died about 3 days after I moved in. (that is a whole story by itself) I believe that mamaG held on long enough to make certain that Jem was going to be taken care of.

Since Jem was hard of hearing as well, when we were on the phone Jem had to have the speaker phone on and MamaG could hear most of our conversations.

(When things got aq little racy MamaG would tell Jem to take it into her bedroom). So even before I moved there moma knew what kind of guy I happened to be. So I believe she had a good Idea that I would take good care of her little girl.

All I can tell you Abby is that I would pray not to get blind, or if you do go blind you will find someone trustworthy to take care of you if you do go blind.