All my Friends are gone!

Jim Edwards
By Jim Edwards Latest Reply 2013-01-27 15:55:52 -0600
Started 2013-01-18 11:24:20 -0600

Somehow or another about a month ago from what I can figure all my friends were deleted from my "friends" account. sorry about that. At first I thought you all had died, but was relieved to find out that isn't so. I will get around to re-friending you as I have the time. Meanwhile I wanted to assure you it is nothing personal. I think what happened is that I asked to be removed from one of the communities and instead was removed from all communities. I got restored to DC, but apparently my friends didn't make it. If you have died, please let me know so I will be sure not to request you as a friend!

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Lady.Grantham 2013-01-22 18:38:02 -0600 Report

Jim I always like to have a new friend :) …I am mostly home bound so I have no outside friends all my so called friends left me after I got sick… They always said they would pick me up and we would have lunch …but they never have time … Oh well I do fine :) … I don't need fake friends that don't care about me !!!! :)

jimLE 2013-01-20 09:38:59 -0600 Report

nope we aint..we simply went into that room over there >>> and i like the comfy couch in there.LOL

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-24 11:48:16 -0600 Report

I don't like that couch. when I sit in it my butt is lower than my knees and I have a hard time getting up.

jimLE 2013-01-24 14:03:50 -0600 Report

i think nana and gabby took the extra cushuns to the dry cleaners..and thats because jay nick amd ella spilt thier martinies on um…lol

jayabee52 2013-01-19 11:34:02 -0600 Report

You said: "At first I thought you all had died" What? you thought we all were "raptured" and you got left behind? LoL!

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 12:58:18 -0600 Report

I figured I was in heaven and the rest of you, well, if I am in heaven then the rest of you are…well, maybe I will stop!

GabbyPA 2013-01-19 11:04:28 -0600 Report

I missed you! Good to have you back, we need your wit and insight. Dead or not, I'm a friend to you.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:00:19 -0600 Report

When I worked in the cemetary our theme song was "There is nobody like a dead body, like no body I know…So great Gabby, if you are dead can I expect you to be walking aroung the log house at night? If so, would you mind doing some dusting?

GabbyPA 2013-01-22 09:55:49 -0600 Report

sure, would you like me to add dust or take it away? ooOOOoooOOOooo

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-24 11:15:09 -0600 Report

Okay. I thought you were starting last night, but i guess not. I got chilled during the night. Just about saved what was left of the fire at 4AM. If you would resupply it sometime between 1 and 2, that would be good.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-24 11:52:06 -0600 Report

I have a mixture of oak, aged pine, and who knows what else, setting right there. Sadly, I did not know we we to get 3" last night, so my outside supply is snowed covered. I leave it uncovered in good weather to let it dry, then try to cover before rain or snow. I know we won't be seeing any rain soon. It is hard to rain when the high for the day is 11. Wind chills are well below zero. BTW I like the new photo of you. It makes you look a lot younger than 52. LOL!

GabbyPA 2013-01-25 09:54:00 -0600 Report

That's because I was only 48 when this picture was taken. LOL Plus it is nice to have a professional take pictures. They always look better. My wrinkles are starting to catch up with my age rather stinks. But if I'm a ghost, I guess I don't care, right?

Set apart
Set apart 2013-01-19 06:28:31 -0600 Report

You can't get rid of me that fast, am Still here! Hope you're well!

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:01:45 -0600 Report

Remember, I live in WV. We have ways of getting rid of those that we want to do in. We start with force feeding a quart of moonshine. After that you don't care!

jimLE 2013-01-18 22:07:59 -0600 Report

let me get back to ya on the died part.on acount i aint sure yet if my hart is still beating ot

Nick1962 2013-01-18 17:32:35 -0600 Report

It's like this Jim, we all had a meeting and …
I think you've got a classic PEBKAC error - Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. Glasses need cleaning maybe? You're still on my list, twice in fact.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:07:05 -0600 Report

of course I am on your list twice, that is because of my multiple personalities. The other 5 want to sign on, bu the first 2 won't let them. BTW, keep your PEBKAC comments to yourself. the fewer people that know I am techno challenged, the better! LOL! My eyes are fine, according to a recent eye inspection, except I am developing caterachs (?sp). The problem is that they are not ripe. The other problem is I can't see those big green higheay signs until i am on top of them!

jayabee52 2013-01-20 19:30:14 -0600 Report

how do you climb those signs? You must get a lot of splinters from the uprights?

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-24 11:54:49 -0600 Report

The supports are metal. The problem was I was climbing one the other day to read it and I guess I got winded and my tongue stuck out and stuck to the metal.

jayabee52 2013-01-18 13:21:18 -0600 Report

If you write "all my friends are gone" and I check your profile and it says that we are still friends, does that mean you don't consider me a friend? LoL!

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:10:09 -0600 Report

Well, yes, but I didn't know how to tell you. Actually, the lost friends was limited to about the number I accepted in the past 3 months. When they mistakenly deleted me from DC after I had requested to be deleted from another site, I figured maybe they had to go back to a set point. Actually I just did this post so I could earn another badge! Not sure which badge, but I am sure there is one!

MewElla 2013-01-18 13:17:40 -0600 Report

Hey, we missed YOU!! Hope all is going well for you.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:14:50 -0600 Report

I have had a very rough time with my depression and SAD. Because of circumstance, work, real estate not being fully settled from the divorce yet and other stuff, it kicked in very early. So, 3 1/2 months later I am finally climbing out of the hole. Because i function slower during these times, I was on the computer a lot less because i have a certain amount of work that I expect myself to accomplish each day at work and if I don't get it done, I stay until I do. since my computer internet is at work, I do my best to avoid any appearance of impropriety. I have the ok to use the Internet here and I do not want to risk losing that.

MewElla 2013-01-20 15:29:55 -0600 Report

Sounds like a rough time…just want you to know we are here for you ANYTIME!!
Wishing the very best for you, my friend.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 17:59:54 -0600 Report

I have had both the depression and SAD all my life and I have come to expect one or 2 tough times during the winter. This one has been the most severe in length and depth that I have had in over 20 years. Knowing that it would end, sometime, it what kept me hanging in. In my earlier years I did not know it would end, so those times there was a much higher risk to me. Themeds I take are good, but I know I need to ride it out. Thank you all. Jim

jayabee52 2013-01-18 12:38:17 -0600 Report

Hey Jim.

I was wondering if you had disappeared from the face of the earth. Welcome back. Was wondering if your new lady friend had been keeping you "busy". (last time I remember you were starting a relationship).

I myself had been in and out of a relationship which didn't work out for either of us, although we are still friends and call each other every so often.

Don't know, but when I checked your profile it says that we are still friends.

So you don't have to worry about me, I am still here (much to the chagrin of a couple of folks).


Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:18:18 -0600 Report

I guess I am still with my lady friend. We live 2 1/4 hours away. She works in the assisted living business. She will now work 5 weeks straight, 24 hours a day, with the exception of 12 hours that she has off. We just packed a 40 foot container to send to Africa and she needs to acquire more money to unload in on the other end. she has about 4 weeks to do it. The relationship remains interesting to say the least

jayabee52 2013-01-20 19:36:34 -0600 Report

does this mean she is moving to africa, or is she shipping clothes there for the unfortunates there. I belonged to a church which shipped clothing to Africa occasionally.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-24 11:58:35 -0600 Report

She is shipping the stuff to her village. In additon to that she has started a 500 acre farm which will supply food and jobs to the village. a skilled worker there makes $1.00 a day. Her goal is to dig 3 wells. One in the village, one near the to be built school and medical center and another at the farm. Villages from around the area will be welcomed to get that water also.

granniesophie 2013-01-18 12:40:43 -0600 Report

James-you'd better still be staying here-don't know what we'd do without all your wisdom!

jayabee52 2013-01-18 13:14:39 -0600 Report

Thanks Sonya!

not planning to go anywhere. The only way I will disappear from these pages would be if I am laid low by some condition in the hospital or if I die.

As far as the folks who dislike me for whatever reason, I had developed a pretty thick hide, so their dislike for me doesn't really get to me all that much.

Also, when I eventually have to leave these pages, I believe that another person will be here to take my place. I see a lot of potential here!

You are no slouch in the wisdom department yourself Sonya!


Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:20:55 -0600 Report

If you die, we expect 3 weeks notice and your withdrawal has to have the approval of 10 people on here. No wait, I am sure there are 10 people that have come to dislike you for whatever reason, so we will make it 20 people!

granniesophie 2013-01-18 12:30:30 -0600 Report

Nope, not dead…but wouldn't it be weird to talk to you from beyond?? Refriend me at your own risk!!
BTW-I wondered why it was so quiet on our threads!! I knew it couldn't be from the brandy :)

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-01-20 13:22:56 -0600 Report

Drinking the Brandy has not helped much lately so I started to inject it using my insulin needles. The problem is that I have to refill the needle about 20 times.

granniesophie 2013-01-20 18:43:26 -0600 Report

Well, that's an exercise in futility! Better to have an IV inserted and just walk with your pole everywhere you go! Being as how it's booze, it won't freeze, so your IV should stay nice and liquid for a very long time :)

granniesophie 2013-01-18 12:42:00 -0600 Report

Actually, on checking your profile like James did, I'm still there also! Seems like all your friends still are-there are lots of 'em! So, you have been gone, but not forgotten-now get back on here!!