Tingling in my Feet...

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Started 2013-01-17 15:06:20 -0600

I wanted to know if any one else has tingling in your feet? It is so annoying and I am so tired of having it… I dont think its neuropathy (I hear this is horrible to have). But then I have no idea what it could be.. If any one els has this please let me know and if there is something I can do to make it stop.
I will do anything to make it stop..
Thank you all in advance.

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SamanthaMinaya95 2014-02-12 16:03:26 -0600 Report

I'm a type 1 Diabetic diagnosed at 3, I'm 18 now and in college. I recently started sitting down for long periods(45 min to an hour and a half from 11:45 to 1:30) cuz my next class is later on in the day. Anyways I've sat like this for 2 days Monday and wednesday, and today(2-12-14) even after stretching and being in a chair(from 1:30-2:45) for an hour and 15 minutes and going home it's now 5pm and the tingling hasn't stopped. I don't think it neuropathy or something like that, but any ideas to make it stop? It doesn't hurt it's just super annoying..

GabbyPA 2014-02-12 18:49:33 -0600 Report

That sounds like a pinched nerve or something like that. You may want to see if some therapy might help. What does your doctor suggest?

SamanthaMinaya95 2014-02-13 13:16:18 -0600 Report

I haven't gone to see a doctor, it literally just started 2 days ago, but yesterday it stayed tingly from 1:30 til 11pm when I went to bed. It didn't tingle today, but I guess I'll have to make an appointment with my mom's foot doctor. If therapy is needed, at least I'm not going in for head therapy like some people I know, if you catch my drift lol.

GabbyPA 2014-02-14 08:39:17 -0600 Report

Then it sounds like it was a pinched nerve from the way you were sitting. Keep mindful of it though.

tiffany31a 2013-01-22 09:43:07 -0600 Report

I get tingling in my feet sometimes it feels like needles all over.It goes away. Doesn't happen everyday but I also get stabbing pains in my legs that really hurt. I'm suspecting nueropathy as well.

pkwillhoite 2013-04-23 14:53:15 -0500 Report

That is how mine started out… I just don't get the stabbing pain in my legs yet… Its really annoying. I was told it is neuropathy. I am trying to do a lot of investigating about all this. Thank you for your comment.

FnReese 2013-01-18 09:28:31 -0600 Report

This was also the symptom that I was experiencing and prompted my appointment that resulted in my T2 diagnosis last July. After getting my BG numbers under control, I noticed slow but steady improvement in how my feet felt. In addition to reducing my numbers, I also quit smoking in August. I believe this was also contributing to how my nerves were reacting. 6 months later, I feel so much better and am able to sleep thru the entire night most nights for the first time in years.

Leslie S
Leslie S 2013-01-20 22:15:29 -0600 Report

Same with me! When I was first diagnosed, my feet tingled all the time. Now that my sugars are more "normal" it doesn't happen. Good for you for quitting smoking!!!

pkwillhoite 2013-01-18 10:42:41 -0600 Report

Wow That is so good!!! COngratulations!!! I will check to see what my numbers are. At this time I am unable to get to the dr, as I have no job and no health coverage… I am always looking and I am determined to find something any thing to get my health better. Thank you so much for hte comment!!!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-01-18 11:51:14 -0600 Report

Pk my doctor told me that once my blood sugar was in better control, the problem would go away. He was right. Now the only time I have the problem is if my blood sugar is high for more than a day or two. That rarely happens.

locarb 2013-01-17 19:35:31 -0600 Report

Please see your doctor immediately and seek a referral to a neurologist. I have been diagnosed as T2 for a little over 2 years and immediately had neuropathy. I have had over 2 years of consecutive A1C's in 5.4 or lower. Even maintaining your blood sugar doesn't guarantee that you won't have symptoms.

I take no medication for T2 but do take Lyrica, Nerurontin-ER and Benfothiamine for neuropathy. I also attend yoga classes twice a week (and visit the gym an additional two times a week). I have to tell you, there may be no escaping neuropathy pain. I hope that doesn't happen to you. I have to confess that neuropathy does limit choices and activities. I wouldn't with it on anyone…

pkwillhoite 2013-01-18 10:45:21 -0600 Report

Thank you for your comment!! I hope things get better for you!! Its not bad yet but I really dont want it worse… As for not wishing it upon anyone that is my view point for Diabetes and all other illnesses or conditions as well! Good luck in getting it to go away and my prayers are withyou for that to happen…

luked 2013-01-17 19:26:05 -0600 Report

MINE is more like walking on cactus which is no fun at all. Pain pain go away come back another day

GabbyPA 2013-01-18 15:39:56 -0600 Report

Mine is now like walking on gravel, but actually having pressure from shoes or standing I am more comfortable than when I get ready for bed. Unless I am absolutely exhausted, they can keep me up for hours. I use coconut oil and Icy hot to calm them down (Icy hot in the winter warms them up for me) There are days I wish they were nubs!

gbc43 2013-01-18 16:41:37 -0600 Report

Welcome to my world , how about the hands now?

GabbyPA 2013-01-19 10:42:18 -0600 Report

I have not had issues with anything but my feet and it is mostly my toes. The day it gets into my hands I will so worry. I know they can still work, but having that feeling there too...I think I would go mad.

pkwillhoite 2013-01-18 10:46:30 -0600 Report

I agree with jayabee!!! Never come back!!! Thank you for your comment, it really helps to know what is happening!! Prayers it goes away!!!

GabbyPA 2013-01-17 19:06:34 -0600 Report

Tingling toes were the symptom that got me to test myself. I struggled with my doctor to get him to take it seriously because when he tested me, I could still feel the filament.

So I finally went to my podiatrist and had him test me. He told me that it is the beginning of neuropathy. (and if this is the beginning, I don't want to have it full blown!) He told me that the loss of feeling starts in the big toe and tends to work to the other toes, so you want to have your big toe tested.

Type1Lou 2013-01-17 17:40:20 -0600 Report

About 10 years ago, I started feeling numbness in my feet and confirmed that it was neuropathy when I got bitten on the toe by a fire ant and never felt it. I've since tightened up my BG control with my last A1c at 6.9. With the tightened control, I've regained much of the feeling back in my feet, so I figured better BG control means less neuropathy for me. I'm on a low-carb diet and try to eat no more than 120 grams of carb per day (not easy!) but the health benefits have been worth giving up many of my favorite foods.

pkwillhoite 2013-01-18 10:48:53 -0600 Report

Your comment is making sense… I am working at cutting out all the things I should not have and it is very hard… Thank you again for your comments!!!

jayabee52 2013-01-17 16:06:11 -0600 Report

Howdy PK! I know by present experience what this is like. It is called Diabetic Neuropathy (DN). Mine is more like burning from my knees to toes. The tingling type affects my dlbows to fingertips and it makes typing interesting at times.

The best way to reverse DN is to keep ones Blood Glucose (BG) below 140mg/dl (7.7 mmol/l)

It takes a while for DN to develope even though sometimes symptoms seem to appear suddenly. And as nerve tissue is one of the slowest to grow in the body it will take time for symptoms to go away, so be patient. If the damage has been done is of long duration there are ways which have been tried to counteract the discomfort / pain. Neurontin (gabepentin) has been used for this purpose with some sufferers being helped but others, not so much (I am in that last group). There are Drs who prescribe antidepressants like celebrex (I was Rx'd Nortryptelene which had no effect on my pain.) Others Rx Lyrica (pregabalin). Capcasin cream has been used to block the pain as well. (I haven't had the courage to try this)

There have been many discussions of Neuropathy here in DC over the years use the DC search function to find those.

I pray you can reverse it soon


Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-01-17 16:05:45 -0600 Report

Well pk if you don't know what it is, you really should be asking your doctor. You are asking non medical professionals to diagnose your problem. Neuropathy can effect each person differently. Some have minor problems while others can have major problems with it. My problem was minor and once my numbers improved, the tingling and throbbing pain in my feet stopped. I explained what was happening to my doctor and he told me it was neuropathy but it was not a major problem for me. I did try over the counter creams that worked for a few days. Once I talked to my doctor and he told me what to do, over time the problem went away took about 3 months.
This is why it is always important that you communicate with your doctor. What worked for some may not work for you. The best thing to do to save time and money and to get treatment is making an appointment with your doctor and telling him/her what is going on with your feet. No matter what, I do hope your problem improves.

pkwillhoite 2013-01-17 16:38:41 -0600 Report

I would communicate withmy dr… but I cant afford to go to one… Thats why I was kinda asking here. I am trying to find a job so I can go back to the dr… If you hae any ideas I would appreciate it in any way whatsoever… But thank you for you r comment…

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-01-18 11:49:28 -0600 Report

I understand your problem. If you were in my city I could provide you with resources for medical care. Look into Health Centers in a community. Some provide service on a sliding fee scale based on income. Look into Medical Assistance in your state. Contact a homeless shelter and ask if they know of any Health Centers that will see an unemployed person. They may have resources because they provide services to people who are homeless with no income.

Call your former doctor, ask if you can be seen and pay the bill even if it is 10 bucks at a time. This is what I did. Look at the websites for you area hospitals. These days some of them have health clinics in communities especially in low income areas. The key to finding help if you are unemployed is low income areas of your city or county. Many of the non profits that work in those areas have tons of resources to help you find the help you need.

Another good source for Health Care assistance is your state, city or county Health Department. They may have health centers operated by the county or can provide you with information as to where to get medical help on low or no income. If you are married you may have to claim your spouses income. If no it will be easier because you have no income. Good luck to you and no matter what, never give up and please don't be ashamed to tell those you are speaking with that you have no income. Pride prevents some people from asking for help.

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