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Does anybody know of diabetic classes in the Fort Worth TX area that doesnt cost an arm and a leg?
The one my doc wanted me to go to costs over a grand. Thanks for the help.

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sisson 2008-12-04 01:11:51 -0600 Report

You can try calling the hospitals in your city they may have some free classes if you belong to an hmo or a ppo lot of times they may have free classes. Good luck Penny

Avera 2008-12-03 22:29:51 -0600 Report


Just wanted to add that your local hospital might offer classes for free. Even most small hospitals have them from time to time according to how many people call and request it. Health Departments also have them. Your doctor can get a dietician to talk to you for free on a one on one session at most local health departments.

Also, your insurance company can tell you where you can go for free. They love to know a client is taking meansure to insure their wellness. It saves them money in the long run. If you are on Medicare, call them. They also can direct you where to go.

Hope this helps. My insurance is Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They want me to do so well that they even have a health coach call me every two weeks and she gives me all the info I need. She even sends free books and papers to me to read.

Take care and feel free to send me a message if you want to know more about how insurance might help.


patchman1164 2008-12-03 23:13:30 -0600 Report

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for the comments. Yes Baylor was were my doc was sending me. $1100 for 7.5 class hours seemed a bit outragous. I will keep looking for something else.


John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-12-03 09:43:39 -0600 Report

This might help:

Baylor Medical Center at Irving will host the Lunch Bunch Diabetes Support Group for people with type 2 diabetes on Monday, December 8, from noon to 1 p.m., in the Howard Center at Baylor Irving, 1901 N. MacArthur Blvd. in Irving. Attendees should bring their own lunch. For more information, call 972-579-4350.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-12-03 09:53:20 -0600 Report

Also, I called the Baylor Medical Center. They did say that their comprehensive class is about $1100 but that it is covered by insurance. So if you have insurance, you will pay much less than that. If you don't have insurance, you should call them and ask about options.

Finally, the lady explained to me that they also offer a one-on-one service with a certified dietitian who can help you learn about what to eat and how to modify your diet for better control. That is also covered by insurance and the charge to the insurance company is around $400. So again, if you're covered, you would pay much less than that.

I hope that helps.

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-03 09:57:45 -0600 Report

why does it cost so much! i found this astounding! if you have no insurance or you are not a vetern, then you are just plain pushed aside,suffering without help! this is sick!

patti 2008-12-02 21:34:10 -0600 Report

Contact Baylor health care They have classes not sure of the cost. Also if you are a veteran the VA has classes. Im in Bedford I will start looking also. Patti

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