Some ideas for getting more from life and diabetes

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Diabetes can be a roller coaster. Having lived with it for 36 years I have ridden on the ride more than my fair share. However, I don't recall ever feeling down about the condition, in fact I have tried to use it to drive my success in life. Now before I get a barage of comments stating I got lucky, I thought I would reflect on why I feel this way.
I think it comes down to a few things.
1. Habits
2. Reading
3. The people I surround myself with (this forum is the best I have been on due to its positive supporting nature
4. Goal setting
5. Persistence
If you want more information on what successful people share in terms of traits and how these can help your diabetes, I have elaborated here…
I would love others to comment on what makes them feel positive and get success in their lives.

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