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bella omarson
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I want to know the amounts of alchohol i can take per day especially wine coz i heard that it lowers the blood suger so is this true

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MoeGig 2013-01-10 14:50:25 -0600 Report

Hi Bella: I have a couple glasses of wine with dinner every night…no big deal. Of all the years, I don't think it really makes a lot of difference compared to everything else. It just doesn't make that much difference in my blood glucose tests.

bella omarson
bella omarson 2013-01-10 15:03:25 -0600 Report

Yea ur right, but i think that just wine doesnt make much difference bcs other kind of alchohol causes blindness to me for a short time its like loosin ur vision for 30 or 40 min is not easy and sure not takin care of my self caused lots of things soo … Its important to me to know every single detail about diabetes and how i can live with it.

GabbyPA 2013-01-09 20:58:12 -0600 Report

I did an experiment quite a while back with the lowering qualities of wine. I used red wines that were not too sweet like a Cabernet. Only 1/4 cup with my evening meal was what was suggested. I didn't find it to be worth the money or the effort (as I am not an avid wine drinker)

I think you can get better results with vinegar and it doesn't react with any meds you might be taking.

IronOre 2013-01-09 19:02:39 -0600 Report

It actually temporarily lowers the blood sugar, after a little while it will sky-rocket up.
Like previously suggested it is best to ask your doctor.

diabetesfree 2013-01-09 13:53:00 -0600 Report

I've never heard of any maximum recommended dosage of alcohol is allowed for diabetics. I am guessing that the number is highly variable though. It would have to take into account your type of diabetes, weight, type of alcohol, whether you are drinking on an empty stomach, etc. Obviously, no alcohol is the best answer. Back when I was still drinking though, I could outdrink just about anybody and rarely saw my blood sugar nosedive. I'm sure it's different for everyone though. Might be that being part Irish has given me some form of immunity. :-)

Nana_anna 2013-01-09 13:13:08 -0600 Report

Alcohol lowers your blood sugar, rapidly, then you can easily crash down. Be careful. Most of the diabetic meds say to avoid it.

jayabee52 2013-01-09 09:04:14 -0600 Report

I note that in your tags, you have weight loss listed. As a general rule alcohol and weight loss are incompatiblle. Yes some types of alcohol does lower Blood Glucose (BG), but if there is carbs in the drink then you will have a BG rebound once the liver gets done processing the alcohol. I agree with Manapua talk with your Dr.

manapua72 2013-01-09 05:57:42 -0600 Report

The person u should be asking is your doctor … Since u asked , 3 drinks a day for males , 2 drinks a day for females …