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Since the topic is on exercise this week, I would like to share that I have been exercising every other day since May of 2012. I wasn't even able to walk around our park at home, for ten minutes to start with. I found several things from the health and fitness channels on On Demand, walking was one of them. But it was done in the comfort of your living room. Which I liked allot better. I don't like prying eyes watching me walk outside! I decided, that in stead of sitting down, looking at my flab, I was going to do something about it! So I did On Demand for a while, I could move some. Then I found You Tube has allot of exercise videos. If you have internet at home and your interestesed at starting out as your own pace. You can chose which way to go on that. It was hard for me. But I have exercised in the past, so I can pick up where I left off. Kind of,, I still had to work back up to where I was. I love aerobics, so I began with that. Then Kick boxing for beginners, and now Tae Bo. This is what I can do now. Since May, of 2012, I have worked up to this. It takes time. Never exercise when you feel unsure. Start out at your own pace, with you Dr. advice or a trainer in this area. Never begin a program without checking first from your Dr. Each day gets better. You will begin to move better everyday.


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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-01-08 12:30:46 -0600 Report

Anna, every time you go outside someone sees you. I walk outside, the fresh air is good for me and it helps clear my mind. How many people seeing you walk actually care that you are walking? Not one of them. People don't care that you are walking nor do they care where you are going or why you are walking. You may be exercising but you are limiting yourself by staying indoors and confining yourself to your house. For all you know there could be someone who sees you walking who might ask if they could join you. They may want to walk but might not want to walk alone. You have met a neighbor and possibly made a new friend. It never ceases to amaze me how people limit themselves out of fear others may see them. I see my neighbors walk everyday and I could care less what they are doing or why. Sometimes one of the walkers stop to talk to me. Sometimes a neighbor joins me and we have a blast walking and chatting. By the time we get back to the block we haven't realized how much we have walked. Malls have walking groups who come into the mall long before the mall opens. You can check into that.

When we concern ourselves with not wanting people to see you doing something, you limit your activities. When I walk, I stop and chat with my neighbors or meet new neighbors. I also keep abreast of what is going on in my community. It is good that you are exercising but confining yourself to your house is limiting walking outside or walking with a group.

We have a neighbor who does Tai Chi and he is going to teach a group of neighbors on the vacant lot next to my house (we are tuning it into a mini park) starting in spring. Keep up the good work but go outside to walk get some fresh air and meet new friends and neighbors.

Nana_anna 2013-01-08 10:57:11 -0600 Report

Also you don't have to dress the way that you see on these videos. This was an 80s thing. Today we ware comfortable light clothes. Don't be intimidated when you see others who are well advanged then you also. We can go at our own pace.

SPeard 2013-02-04 12:07:09 -0600 Report

Another good place to find exercise videos, and support—whether diabetic or any other condition, is SparkPeople.com. It is a free site to join. You can find just about anything you need there. If you are looking for something, just post and someone will be able to help you find it. It is a great site. Keep up the good work. I know I do not like to exercise in front of anyone—I have always been that way. But, it is easy to do in your own home these days. I have different exercise videos that I use. I have a bit of a problem since I have low oxygen levels due to lung scarring from past illnesses. I now have to use oxygen when I am walking (exercising) for any length of time. It is harder to exercise using the oxygen tank. I'm thankful that I do not have to use it constantly, yet.

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