anyone take Actos?

By ConnieMarie Latest Reply 2013-01-09 08:48:10 -0600
Started 2013-01-07 10:26:35 -0600

i've been on Actos for over a year…i've had to change my diet because it's carb based…my A1c is almost to normal range (it's 6.5)…since it's normalized i notice i have lows more often like going from 130 to 65 in an hour after taking it if i eat first then meds)…anyone else have issues? i have a doctors appt in a week but wanted to know if anyone else had a problem?

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CJ55 2013-01-08 09:41:39 -0600 Report

Hello Connie.. I took Actos about 6 years ago. It didn't help my BG at all. However, I did gain 53 pds in 3 months from taking it as did 17 other people that went to the same Endo I went to. We all rallied against the Endo, wrote letters regarding his way of treating his patients. Well, something went right for a change, he left the office he worked at. Since that time, I have had major bladder & kidney problems and 3 kidney surgeries. I called an attorney who had a Class Action Suit against the company who made Actos. I didn't qualify because I didn't have cancer. Had everything else but not cancer. I hope this info helps. Have a great day. Hugz CJ

ConnieMarie 2013-01-09 08:48:10 -0600 Report

that explains the weight gain! i go to the gym 5 days a week for 90 mins working out but i can't seem to lose weight…thanks for the info guys and gals :)

manapua72 2013-01-07 18:22:37 -0600 Report

Oh I'm not trying to scare I or anything … It's just though I don't know u , I'm concerned that this med is still used … It took me awhile to remember y my doc wanted me off …

ConnieMarie 2013-01-08 09:13:17 -0600 Report

i know it causes cancer and so on, i am allergic metformin and a couple others they put me on…i just wish they could find better meds for type 2

manapua72 2013-01-07 18:20:37 -0600 Report

Just googled Actos … Bladder cancer , congestive heart failure and the list goes on … Numerous countries around the world have BANNED the sale of this POISON in their countries … Sadly the FDA has allowed it to still be prescribed here in the US … If u think the benefits out weigh the negative then continue u taking … I'm not and numerous friends ( fellow diabetics ) r also off Actos … I'm not a doctor but google it I think u will WANT off ACTOS !!!!!!!!!!!

pa9576 2013-01-07 17:49:02 -0600 Report

i had troubles with actos it was a rollercoaster.. actos is also related to heart trouble just like avanda is plus actos has metaforim in it it mite mean that u cant take it

manapua72 2013-01-07 17:29:34 -0600 Report

I once took Actos , but was taken off if it … My doctor won't prescribe it to anyone now … I'd have to research it again but I recall its very bad … Might be connected to cancer or something …

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