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I have been reading many new posts today and I am so glad we have gotten back on track of discussing diabetes related issues. So many new faces today are posting and that is great. That is what this site was meant to do, it was not intended to be a big chat fest about shopping, and high school drama. I am once again pleased to be a member. Let's just not forget why we are here.

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This is horrible, this is exactly how I have felt, so I have stopped visiting certain cites where I thought they were my friends. I had for people to feel so bad, and when using privacy profile, she has no idea who is using this. If I feel that I may not have posted my discussion in a way that a person took it, I have the common decency to send a private message to that person, because as soon as one person takes a negative attitude like they gave this one; people often get into their own conversation without even reading the post out of the respect of the person who opened it. We are supposed to support and help all the people here, I too, have deleted all subjects that I felt no one cared about, or started a fight between people without understanding what I was saying and Am not visiting those people anymore. I ,l too am really tired of the mean and nasty words. Sorry, but if you want to come out and make disturbing posts then you must at least let that person who you are. It is ungrateful and cowardly. Give people a chance. And if your are having a bad day, or do not like someone and then come down on them specifically than maybe you should take a break as well. I don't want to hurt your or anyone else responding, but that is what is happening to everyone here, and they all are leaving. That is not what this site is about.l And I think everyone has something to offer whether your give them a chance or not.

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I applaud any daughter who would come out in the defense of her mother, with such love and conviction and strength. You know we only see what the poster posts and a picture. Just judging her for her grammer and writing experiences does not call for victimizing her. We only see what everyone wants us to see, not the whole picture of their true health conditions and what exactly other problems they are dealing with. That is what is part of what makes them so strong to be on this community. We are judging again; we need to think about the big picture, and that is we are here for knowledge, strength, support and friends that deal with the same issues, no matter what their education level may be. There are a few caregivers and even doctors on this site; we don't judge them; Stop and think about how you could affect a person before you post.
What about the mother who was talking to a teen on myspace, who believed she was talking to a boy. We all now what happened to that teen. She committed suicide. We do not want that to happen to one of our friends. Claudia

Pauline B
Pauline B 2008-12-02 10:56:20 -0600 Report

I am hestitant to add my comments to many contributions because I may appear, in my own mind, to have found solutions, and don't want to be preachy. And sometimes I pontificate on subjects related to diabetes in a very off-handed way. But life is like that. We all have different ways of dealing with the disease, of coping, understanding, of needing attendtion and advice. This is one forum that is so grass-roots where everyone can participate at their level. Those who don't like the chit-chat about the emotional problems of other, don't need to read them. Those who are offended by incorrect grammar and spelling could simply be grateful for being awake in class that day and learning the lessons. There is room for all. American intolerance towards others who don't share our immediate feelings is one of the problems our country faces. We diabteics are a melting pot of different people with different emotional needs at any one time as well as physical needs due to other medical problems. So, everyone, gives us some slack.

And perhaps we should do something instead of sitting at our computers so much. I am guilty of that as much as anyone!

Jlynn 2008-12-02 12:07:28 -0600 Report

i agree, and as diabetics, we need NOT the added STRESS of DRAMA..Because someone could miss out on a answer here, and it could be You or a family member. I wanna believe we together can have a better DAY,an easier life really.I know I cant do it alone! If you can(not you personnally Pauline.lol) But if someone out there can do it alone, pass me the link to your own web page, so I can to learn how..

Anonymous 2008-12-01 23:24:34 -0600 Report

I'm so glad that you are glad. Are you sure it meets your satisfaction? Maybe you could visit around and hurt a few more poeple's feelings and really get things to go as YOU demmand. You have been very vocal about how you want ALL the discussions to only be about "diabetes" related subjects. This one sure isn't.

Instead of writing long posts about "diabetes" related subjects, you spend a great majority of your time writing tirades about what other people post that doesn't agree with your views. Maybe once in a while we can start to read some insightful posts from you concerning something that would uplift the community instead of your usual put downs.

Take some time to realize that not everyone on here is as good a writer as you are and cannot express themselves as explicitly as you require they do so. You more than once have misread a person's comments or post and gone off the deep end to express your misguided interpretation of what they tried their best to express. It just didn't meet your standards so you lashed out. Try reading more closely and use your heart once in a while instead of your cruelty.

Why did I write this so you could not tell who I was? lol I surely don't want to be singled out by you by name. OPPs, I forgot, you usually just say "they" and don't call names when you complain. Thought I would do the same and take up for those who have incurred your displeasure. Have a nice day.

caspersmama 2008-12-02 10:11:52 -0600 Report

Thank you for your post. I am so sorry you feel the need to single me out for my post. I will not post again.

Jlynn 2008-12-02 10:35:27 -0600 Report

wow, alot of emotions put behind both DB..I like this site! and I suppose like everywhere we are going to find a wide variety of personalities, LIKES @ DISLIKES, ETC,
And while…
That we are here to support our FRIENDS AND A FRIEND Respects, Encourages and Tolerates..RIGHT?
SO can we try to take from these Discussions what we can USE! While respecting, what we disagree with or dont need at the time…(because we are all in need of support)
And I heard this somewhere,
"To have a GOOD friend, YOU have to be a GOOD friend first"

pink1985 2008-12-03 13:07:20 -0600 Report

Thought I would join this community today to see why my mom is so upset. Now I know. Too bad you all can not see what I see everyday. How despite her illnesses, and she has many, she is a loving, wonderful person that does alot for me and my dad. She has talked about this site and how it has helped her alot to achieve her good numbers. She has also talked about how people cannot be so nice. But I really think this one was meant to be cruel and very hurtful. Although I am sure many of you do not care but she has cried alot the past 2 days about this because all she wanted to do was help people and give her advice and I know about some of the other problems she had with some man but she has alot on her plate lately. It does not excuse her for being mean but she did not need this. No one needs this. Yes, she went to college and has always stressed how to write good papers and sentences. She bugged me about grammar the whole time I was in school but too fault her for that. I have read many posts today before I joined that sounded like newspaper articles written by you members. Why was she called out her on her writings? I know my mother and I know that she did not deserve this. I thought this site was for people living with diabetes, good or bad, sick or well. There are so many posts on here about people having mental problems and some are really cruel and lashing out at the world. Please tell me what my mother did thas was so wrong. That one of us has not done in the past. Diabetes is a selfish disease. You have to look out for your self everyday. Test, eat right, deal with all kinds of emmotions and just deal with life. Know one knows my mother like I do but you all did not give her a chance, especially this writer who was such a coward and could not use their real name. Now my mom will never know who her true enemy was. It is a sad world when you cannot trust a diabetic forum. I have said my peace because I think my mom had some friends on this site that might care why she was no longer here. Sorry for the length. But I do no like seeing my mother upset.

kdroberts 2008-12-04 08:27:47 -0600 Report

I assume you are talking about ilvtony20. Since you asked what she has done, here's a brief summary.

Unfortunately, she has a long history of manipulating posts and claiming people are attacking her, aggressively attacking peoples opinions and posts, making out like everyone is against her and generally not being a very nice person. I admit I have lost my cool with her on at least one occasion, purely because I posted something that was not even remotely directed at her (I didn't even know who she was at the time) and she replied back with a very aggressive post about how I was singling her out and how people are always mean to her, etc. She has also posted many, many negative things about people anonymously, it's quite easy to tell somebodies writing style so when they post anonymously it sticks out like a sore thumb. In fact, the anonymous post you reference is very similar to things she has said to many people on many occasions. So much so, and because she always tries to become the center of attention, it wouldn't surprise me if she had written it. The posts against her did not come out of the blue, it's because she has done exactly the same thing to a huge number of people in the past and it's finally catching up with her.

You see a different side to her but when all you have to base your opinion of somebody on is what they post you base it on those things only. Unfortunately based on her posts over the last few months my opinion is that she is not a very nice person, tries to be the center of attention and will manipulate things people say to make things about her at every available opportunity because that's pretty much all she has done over the last few months. When you do that for so long, people respond in kind.

Anonymous 2008-12-04 08:43:50 -0600 Report

I'm sorry your mother is hurting right now, but she got what she asked for. She need's to take a look at how she is posting as well, and how she words things.
Her posts have been nothing short of rude and nasty too certain people. KD is right in what he has said. There is no need for her to leave, but wording is everything. She talked of the site being a chat fest…well she has added to it her self. I am done with this and will say no more.