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Does anyone know anything about this medicine? Does it work and what about the side effects it has?

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lamorena 2008-06-04 09:00:23 -0500 Report

I take cymbalta on a daily basis. I haven't had any side effects.May effect blood pressure, seizures, hypomania,dizziness,fatigue an others. I mainly take it for major depression, but it helps the tingling in my feet as well.

CoopJ 2008-05-26 15:26:18 -0500 Report

I have taken this for Neuropathy. It freaked me out. I got very aggressive with my wife and was angry all the time. If this happens to you, call a doctor and see if he can switch you to something else. It may work for you though. I have heard other people having good results

Punkie200 2008-05-24 13:41:26 -0500 Report

I have taken Cymbalta for 3 weeks. Not working very well for me. My Doctor is switching me to something new. You can also look up Cymbalta and get a lot of information.

gibson1021 2008-05-24 12:20:26 -0500 Report

I have been using it for at least 4 years. (I am a end of life class 4 heart person, with unsable angina. This dropped the pain in about two days. Pain = depression, and being in pain in the heart from 2001(They gave me a year to live then). Being out of pain sure makes you feel like staying around. Not being depressed even makes it better. When back to golfing and feellike doing things. He statrted me on 40mg a day (am)now on 60mg (am).

jupton1 2008-05-19 14:46:25 -0500 Report

In clinical studies of depression, the most common side effect of Cymbalta was nausea. For most people who had it, the nausea was mild to moderate and usually improved within one to two weeks.

Other common side effects included dry mouth, constipation, decreased appetite, fatigue, sleepiness, and increased sweating.

Most people were not bothered enough by nausea or these side effects to stop taking Cymbalta.

Your doctor may periodically check your blood pressure while you are taking Cymbalta. You should not stop taking Cymbalta without talking to your doctor