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Hi friends,
For the last 2+ years I have been treating type 2 with diet and exercise. Up until recently with successful results. November,2 I experienced a Kidney stone attack. I was visiting my son in Seattle so I ended up in the ER. The treatment was to put a stint in so I could urinate. I am due to have the stint removed on Jan. 4th,however my blood sugar has been running way high! Would the stint be the cause of the high blood sugar? I have recently been taking Lantus/SoloStar injection with minimal results (maybe I am taking taking to small a dose)? Any feedback would be welcome.

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-12-30 16:09:55 -0600 Report

You really should consult your doctor for medical advice. What is working for some may not work for you. It could be an adjustment to your meds or a look at your diet and exercise plan. Only your doctor would know for sure.

manapua72 2012-12-29 15:19:36 -0600 Report

Diabetes is progressive … If u take care of yourself & your diabetes u SLOW down the progression yet progresses it does … Many diabetics eventually need medication . Insulin is MOST effective … U and your doctor need to find out the correct dosage to meet your needs … As for a stint causing high blood sugars I think not . Yet I'm not a medical professional … Just a diabetic like yourself learning and helping others and being helped by others … DC is good place to come find answers …

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