Hey all my DC friends...I miss you all terribly!! Been pretty depressed lately. Nothing seems to be going right.

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I guess except the fact that my Mom's surgery went well and she's doing fine. They fused the bones in her neck together. And my grandson just had surgery for a BIRTH DEFECT they should have found when he was first born!! (He's 9 yrs old now!! He had a blockage of the urethra which caused his urine to back up into his kidneys…which caused 65% damage to his right kidney!! Poor baby has suffered with this his whole short life!! So frustratiing!! He did well in surgery but he may in the future have to have it repeated!! My house flooded again right before Christmas…lost my Chrstmas tree and decorations and such. My husband is still fighting the lung cancer and I STILL can't get control of my BS#'s! There have been 5 deaths in the past couple of months also…not a good year for me…HURRY UP 2013!!! Sorry to be bringing you all down just needed to get it out and you all are the best listeners!!! Even though I haven't been here in a long time I know I have your support!! :) Thanks, Ellen

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granniesophie 2012-12-29 12:35:51 -0600 Report

Hi Ellen!
Yeah 2012 has been a pretty sucky year for alot of us! But we are all still friends on here, and that counts for a great deal! So, since we are still alive here together, here's my New Years wish for you and for all of us: Here's to a much better 2013! I won't say it could be worse, cause we all know it can, but lets just say it won't be, we are all of us on this side of the grass, and that's sure saying alot! We can face whatever the New Year brings together, all of us, here on DC!
To us all, and a better 2013!
Sonya :)

nanaellen 2013-01-03 10:31:30 -0600 Report

You are so sweet and definitely right we are all in this together!! I've long ago come to the conclusion that my Mom gave me the strength to handle ANYTHING!! May we ALL find peace and HEALTH this brand new year!! :) P.S. I NEVER say what ELSE can happen cause something always does!! But I'm STILL smilin'!! LOL By the way you have my fav girl's name Sonya!! That's my oldest daughters name!!

manapua72 2012-12-29 11:56:22 -0600 Report

First I'm assume u count your carbs , right ??? That way u can know how much insulin to give yourself … R u taking your meds as prescribed ??? R doing any physical activities ??? If u r doing all that and your blood sugars r outta control . I would ask your doctor about an insulin pump … It has been a life saver to me … My #'s r lower & more stable … I'm also using less insulin … I think it would help u but remember u still got work to get control if your diabetes pump won't do it for u … It helps though …

nanaellen 2013-01-03 10:39:21 -0600 Report

I have to admit I'm not much into counting carbs and such because it doesn't matter WHAT I eat my #'s are NEVER the same…for example I can have a tunafish sand. today and my #'s will be o.k. and next week I can have the same thing and my #'s are in the high 300's!! There's never any rhyme or reason!! I've thought about the pump but my Dr. won't give it to me UNTIL I have control…which I haven't been able to do in 4 years now!! As far as physical activity I'm always on the go but have been having a problem with arthritus in my knee lately which is slowing me down. Despite everything though I'm still smiling!! :)

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