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I have been diabetic now for about 7 years and still find it hard to take it in that I have diabetes. I always forget well not actually forget I just don't bother to test myself when I know I should I still go to all my appointments and tell what they want to hear when I know I should be straight with them cause for them it must be like they are repeating them selfs over and over the thing is I know what I should do and fight with myself every day about it
And now I'm always in a bad mood not that I show it in front off people but I feel like some day I will crack and it will be on the wrong people. I think it's denial. Does anybody feel or go through the same with there's I would love some advice thanks

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PaigeRCD 2012-12-28 10:49:06 -0600 Report

Bkr, I've had diabetes for 10years. I completely accepted it when I was first diagnosed and didn't really understand why ppl were shocked that I wasn't crying or stressed or anything about the diagnosis (i was 13). I have to admit that it wasn't until later, like years later, that I realized how difficult it really can be. It's so much more than having to test blood sugar and count carbs and inject yourself. It can absolutely be a hard thing to accept. I think everyone has asked "why me?" when they're diagnosed with any disease or illness, even ones that are directly related to our own behavior or bad habits. I'm not sure really what to say, I just felt like I should respond. In my mind, I'm seeing those "it gets better" campaign ads that was done to support LGBTQ people. It does get better. There will be highs and lows, and it does suck that you're not perfectly healthy, but everyone has something, you know? Luckily, the care for diabetes has advanced so much in the past 20years. It used to be a death sentence basically. Even since i was diagnosed ive seen a big improvement in the field. You need to take advantage of the tools that you have at your disposal. It's the only way you'll feel better and feel healthy. It's also a very important step in protecting your health as you age. Best of luck. I know you'll do great. Remember if you need help along the way, and the quote unquote normal ppl without diabetes don't understand, we're all here for you

jigsaw 2012-12-27 20:33:15 -0600 Report

Diabetes can be your friend or your enemy. You can heed the warning that diabetes brings, and possibly live a long and healthy llife, or you can choose to see it as your enemy, and fight a losing battle, especially with denial as your rubber sword.
I have had diabetes for over 18 years, I feel good, have no complications, enjoy life, and maintain an a1c around 6.0.
My advice…Get out there and enjoy your life, accept your diabetes, it makes life so much easier while maintaining ones health!

manapua72 2012-12-27 20:11:09 -0600 Report

Wow , listen to Just Joyce she was right on SPOT !!!!!!!!!!!! Can't add much , except I too for many YEARS didn't take care of my diabetes … Just lived in denial … Didn't take my meds , didn't watch what I ate , didn't test my sugar etc … You name it I didn't do it … Complications related to diabetes started to occur and finally I seeing all that was occurring and talking to my doctor about further complications , I am now doing so my h better … I'm testing now about 6 times a day eating better , counting them carbs taking my meds , exercising … Trying to do all I can to slow the progressing down … I'm happy to say I still have my sight , kidney function & limbs yet all that was in jeopardy … Please for YOUR sake start taking care of yourself only u can make the right choices for yourself … I finally did , it's not to late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-12-27 19:30:13 -0600 Report

My advice is you are only hurting yourself. When you tell your doctor what YOU think he wants to hear the treatment you receive is not going to help you. Doctors know by test results whether or not a patient is taking proper care of themselves. The only person you have fooled is yourself. If you have been in denial for 7 years wait another 7 because by then you may start to lose limbs, kidney function and the only thing anyone will need to know is what to tell the funeral director.

Diabetes is not a game you play. It is a part of your life. What do you think would happen if you decided to breathe every other day? This is your life you are playing with and your health is a part of your life.

Is your bad mood anger at yourself because you are diabetic, not taking proper care of yourself because you refuse to do so or shame because you simply can't or won't take care of yourself? Only you can answer that. Keep in mind that in this day and age if you crack on the wrong person you could be killed.

You have to take care of yourself if you want to continue to play music. That is a picture of you playing the guitar isn't it? What do you think would happen if you could no longer do that? If you want to continue to play music and enjoy life, you have to get out of denial. You have to test, eat properly, exercise and tell your medical team the truth.

I was in denial for 24hrs when I was diagnosed. The very next day I started taking care of myself and have not stopped. I control my diabetes, it does not control me. You can do this. The first step is acceptance, the next step is testing regularly and everything else will fall into place. The first step is always the hardest step to take but I believe you can do this. You just have to want to live the healthiest life possible. Sooner or later all of what you do will become routine and you will wonder why you didn't do this since you were diagnosed. Good luck.

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