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can you drink insulin

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Avera 2008-11-30 19:38:19 -0600 Report

No it cannot. Right now there is a new suppository in the works to deliver insulin to children and the elderly who cannot hold their hands steady enough to inject. It is ready to be sent to trial. There is also an insulin pill being tested in India

kdroberts 2008-11-30 19:36:28 -0600 Report

Well, technically you can but it wouldn't do anything since it would break down before it got into your blood stream. It's one of the reasons why oral insulin has been a tricky thing to develop but they seem to have broken that barrier and some new products are on the horizon. Insulin oral spray and insulin capsules. Inhaled insulin didn't do so well and was dropped but I think there are some companies trying to bring it back in an easier form with less potential issues.

Just to clarify. Don't drink insulin!