Lighten up on yourself! Adjust your expectations to meet reality.

Dr Gary
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It’s only human nature to have high expectations for how we want our lives to unfold. But life has a way of getting in the way. Being diagnosed with a chronic condition, for example.

A question for you: Have you taken a look at your expectations lately?

Sure, it’s only human to have expectations of how others should feel or act towards you. Especially people who are close to you, friends and family, or the healthcare professionals that you work with. And to expect to always perform at your best.

One of the most frustrating things about living with a chronic condition is adjusting to the constant challenges to maintaining your own self care, and the new responsibilities that go along with those challenges, none of which you asked for. And don’t forget the need to rely more on others to do their part. Can’t everybody just do their job? Including me!

Expecting 100% can be a set-up for a letdown.

So, given that we are dealing with imperfect beings, what if, instead of expecting perfection, you expected imperfection? What if you started to ask yourself what parts of your life need to be functioning at 100%, and where you might begin to loosen up on your expectations? Averaging out your expectations to, let’s say, around 80%? This would mean allowing for the human factor in yourself and others. It might also mean a whole lot less disappointment. Not to mention a whole lot less stress.

Assuming you aren’t superwoman/man, maintaining 100% self-care may require making some adjustments in the other areas of your life. 80% doesn’t mean have to mean an across the board cut, but doing some reallocating to take the pressure off yourself.

I have some ideas to help you get started in my article in Living with Diabetes. Here is a link:

Any areas of life where you can go a little easier on yourself? Any ideas to share?

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Dr GAry. Please. Tell me how to send u message or send me one And I'll reply.

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(the preceeding is taking for granted you are using a computer to access DC. If you are accessing DC through a smart phone I would have no idea how to do it, because the configuration is diferent than on a computer, or so I've been told.)