Facing Diabetes Setbacks

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It takes a lot of work to control your blood sugar when you have type 2 diabetes. And sometimes it can get the best of you. On occasion, you may be tempted to rip up your diabetes treatment plan and eat what you want when you want, and not move off the couch all day.

If you do get a bit off track, don’t beat yourself up. “If you mess up one day, just make up for it the next,” advises Roger Phelps, OD, an optometrist with expertise in diabetic eye care and a certified diabetes educator in Ojai, Calif.

Good diabetes management includes following a healthy diet, checking your blood sugar, taking medication, and finding time for exercise. But inevitably, some days will be better than others — “good” care doesn’t mean “perfect” care.

"It’s all about moderation and doing your best from day to day,” says Denise Richards, RN, a nurse and certified diabetes educator at Massachusetts General Hospital's Diabetes Treatment and Research Centers in Boston. “Recognize that you’re not perfect, and that your diabetes self-management won’t always be perfect either.”

Dealing With Diabetes Burnout

Set short-term goals. (read more…it's really good)

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