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Shannon James
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What is it like having a pump? I'm scared to have one cos I think the cannulas would hurt especially since you have to change them every few days. Advice please? x

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MalinBjöörm 2012-12-19 11:24:36 -0600 Report

Hey. I had My insulinpimp for 5 years. And it's fantastic! You don't have to take shots all day and you always got it with you ( it's not easy to forget to bring it with you cause you always have it on you. Before i had it on My stomack but i wasn't confterble with that so now i have it on My Butt :) the negative thing is that it's not so nice to sleep with it. But thats all i think. I would highly recommend it! You can always start with trying for a month or something. Good luck

sis sue
sis sue 2012-12-18 23:13:54 -0600 Report

Been on the minimed pump since 1996. Love it. No issues and better control equals longer lifespan. Do it!!

manapua72 2012-12-15 17:50:48 -0600 Report

Hi , I was taking 6-8 shots a day and my stomach was feeling like a pin cushion , but the worst thing was my #'s were still outta control … 1 month ago I got a insulin pump by Medtronic . I use the Mio infusion set . It is pain free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since having my pump I'm doing so much better . I'm using less insulin and was even just taken off one if meds … I love having my pump it takes abut getting used to it but so thankful & happy to have it … It it's an option for u , do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harlen 2012-12-15 17:48:42 -0600 Report

As a user I love my pump its so much better then a bunch of shots
My #s are better ,it works better when I eat ,I can cover what I eat right when I eat .The only time I feel it is if I sleep on it all night then it gets a little sorebut it stops quikly
Even stings less then a ashot too me
Hope this helps
Best wishes

KathyH123 2012-12-14 22:45:56 -0600 Report

Hey there I just started my medtronic minimed a few days ago although it is the fourth site I have tried in my opinion it is better then the injection because a lot of the time the injections would hurt with the pump I don't really even feel it go in

Type1Lou 2012-12-14 18:53:37 -0600 Report

I've been on an insulin pump a little over a year now after being a Type1 for 36+ years. I have a Medtronic Minimed pump and use a Quick Serter device to help insert the cannula. I have not experienced any pain with the canula and change it every third day. I'm kicking myself for having waited so long to go on a pump. I didn' t like the idea of being connected to something 24/7 but it's really no big deal. And it sure beats taking 4 shots a day! You do disconnect from it when bathing or taking a shower. I've sewn little pockets to the inside of my nightgown to secure the pump while sleeping. During the day, my clothes usually have pockets and I just slip it in the pocket.

ShellyLargent 2012-12-14 17:44:39 -0600 Report

The cannula insertions do not hurt any more than a standard injection. You can't even feel the cannula once it's been inserted. I've been on insulin pumps for over 6 years and I will not go back to injections. There are different kinds of insertions, one that you have to manually push in like an injection or they make quick sets that snap against your skin to insert the cannula. They also make them in different length cannulas and different insertion angles. The Omni Pod system (which I am on now) is self inserting after you stick on a new pod. The Omni Pod is a tubeless pump system where the each pod holds a reservoir of insulin and is controlled by a remote unit (PDM). I was also on an Animas IR1250 (older model) which is a traditional tubed pump. If you have any specific questions about pumps I can try my best to answer them! 2012-12-15 19:48:37 -0600 Report

The Omni Pod is great except with humid weather it tends to come off on a sweaty person like myself.The mini med pump is great compared to daily multiple injections and requires constant BS mealtime checks.Likewise for the Omni Pod.

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