Surgery Type 2 Diabetes

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Thanks to the Disease I have to undergo a Operation on my rightfoot,when I enquired,asked about How long will my recovery be,was told ''Unknown'' then I asked What do I do in regards to paying my Rent,Bills while laid up in some damn Hospital which I'm no fan of Hospitals.The Surgeon seemed to be in a hurry to get their Rusty Saw working on me.My fear is that what happen to my Dad awaits me…Went in for removal of a Blacken toe infection set in and had leftleg amputated below the knee.I know that IF this happens to me…I'm Screwed I won't be able to return to my place of Residence due to there are stairs and the landlord has no intentions of renovatating on my behalf,it's the only place I can afford.I'm Scared,Frustrated.

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