Holiday Health Strategy #5: Give Your Old Desserts a Makeover

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Kelley Herring
CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Healing Gourmet

Did you know that one piece of pecan pie has more than 500 calories, 65 carbohydrates, and 32 grams of sugar? And that eating just 100 grams of sugar can reduce your immune system's ability to fend off invaders by a whopping 40 percent!

But the problem with sugar doesn't end there.

Sugar also disrupts the endocrine system, boosting your "fat storage hormone" (insulin), promoting cancer and speeding physical aging through the production of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs).
The good news is that you can enjoy treats that have all of the sweetness of sugar… with none of the sour side effects. Simply replace the sugar in your baking with organic erythritol.

This "almost sugar" is all-natural, has no calories, and has a glycemic index of zero. Use it cup for cup in all of your favorite recipes to safely sweeten and delight your guests. (Learn more about baking delicious desserts using erythritol and other all-natural, low glycemic sweeteners in Guilt Free Desserts).

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