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1. Why does high blood sugar make us sleep longer?

2. Which celebrity do you know who has diabetes that inspires you? I am still trying to figure out about Bret Micheals, and why he inspires me.

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Set apart
Set apart 2012-12-09 06:57:01 -0600 Report

I know that when I sleep longer and in what I call a heavier slumber I may be on the high side. Usually though I can only sleep up to 6 hours and then it's time to get up or I will start dropping a little.

I really haven't thought of celebrities as an inspiration to myself. I want to live a long life and that makes me self motivated.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-12-08 19:17:05 -0600 Report

We sleep because energy is not being dispersed throughout our blood stream. Celebrities do not inspire me to do anything because I don't care what they do. Their job is to entertain me and that is all I care about.

I inspire myself to do better because I know that if I am willing to take a chance and do something, I will always move forward in life. The only person who could truly inspire me would be my aunt if she were alive. She faced every obstacle in her path. She did everything she could after open heart surgery to get her strength back so she could continue to travel and have fun. She had a stroke and went to Canada the week after she got out of the hospital. I strive to keep going just like she did and no celebrity could ever do that for me.

GabbyPA 2012-12-08 17:06:39 -0600 Report

The reason that we tend to sleep more if our sugars are high is because the energy we get from the glucose stays in our blood stream and not in our cells. So we lack energy because our cells are not getting what they need.

As for my hero or inspiration, I guess I would have to say that athletes that are diabetic inspire me a lot. The go out and do what they love and have to make sure they are healthy in doing it. They show me that I can do whatever I want if I just make sure i am doing it right.

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