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Just got the CalorieKing app on my phone . I think it's awesome … It's a bit shocking how many carbs r in everyday foods … As I'm on the pump and have to always calculate the amount of carbs I'm having to put this # into my pump for an accurate bolus I know this will be of help … Any other good apps that any of u might know of ??? Those on insulin r u having carbs or r u restricting your carbs ??? And y ??? I'm still learning and new to using a pump . Yet taking shots prior for a year and now using a pump . Isn't the insulin you're taking as a bolus to cover the carbs you're ingesting ??? Would this mean u don't have to minimize your carb intake ??? Feel like I really need to see a nutritionist that works w/diabetics …,..

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ShellyLargent 2012-12-07 12:49:29 -0600 Report

I use Calorie King too and love it! I also use My Fitness Pal to track my carb, calorie and weight loss goals. MFP has a feature where you can input your own recipes and it will calculate all the nutritional info for you. I love that. The phone app for MFP also has a scanner for bar codes so it makes recording into your food diary super easy! You just take a picture of the bar code and the app automatically brings up the nutritional info for you.

When I started on my first pump many years ago, I wasn't given any carb restrictions. I was told that I could basically eat whatever I wanted. However, I quickly learned that because I was eating whatever I wanted, I was having to take more insulin, which caused significant weight gain. To solve that problem, I just stopped my insulin theropy. Not the smartest thing to do… After being off my insulin for a few years, I had some health issues come up and I finally concedeed to the fact that I need my insulin. I gained some of the weight back on, but I now restrict myself to 1300 - 1500 calories and 180g carbs a day (50g for my 3 meals and 2 snacks of 15g each daily). All of this was approved by my doctor, by the way… I eat A LOT of fresh, raw veggies, only the 100-calorie snack packs of crackers or sweets (although with the holidays here, it's getting tougher and tougher to do that!) and I also use Slim Fast shakes and meal bars. I personally restrict my carbs simply because the more carbs you eat, the more insulin you have to take, which causes weight gain, which in turn can cause a higher insulin resistance, so you ultimatley have to take more insulin to cover less carbs… It's an ugly cycle that's hard to break! At least with an insulin pump, you're only using enough insulin to cover what you're eating, unlike injections where it seams like you're always eating to match the insulin.

manapua72 2012-12-06 21:35:50 -0600 Report

Thanks Gabby … I went to like one diabetic class … Years ago … Knowingly been a diabetic for 10 years whether I had it for years before I was diagnosed I don't know … It's been a struggle for me … Sometimes doing great but truthfully terrible for the most part … For many years I just didn't care … Lived my life as if I did not have diabetes … Doctor gave me a WAKE UP CALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've come to the point where I do care about MYSELF & my loved ones so now I'm doing all I can to take care of myself & my diabetes … Won't ever give up again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GabbyPA 2012-12-08 17:02:34 -0600 Report

That is great. Many of us struggle from time to time. The idea is that you are on the right track now. That is great.

GabbyPA 2012-12-06 20:18:51 -0600 Report

Calorie King is, well...KING. Many members here love it and I am glad to hear that there is an app for it. I know, once you go from guessing your carbs to really looking at the hard numbers it is scary. I recall when I first got started, the first week I ate as I usually did before diagnosis, and boy was that nuts. I was going way over the carb allotment...way over.

Getting into a diabetic education class is a great step. Doing that, even before you meet with a dietitian is a huge help. That is how I did it and it helped to have the background before the requirements.

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