Diabetes Heroes Come In All Ages

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I read this story today and had to share it. It touched my heart.

By Diabetes Health

Jay Hewitt Nov 29, 2012

Last summer, I led the third annual swim-run biathlon for the Barton Center for Diabetes Education, which hosts two Massachusetts camps for children with type 1-Camp Joslin for boys and Camp Clara Barton for girls. It was at Camp Joslin that I met a memorable eight-year-old boy who exemplifies what being a diabetes hero is all about. I'll call him "Adam.'

I spent a lot of time at both camps, speaking, interacting with the kids, and generally acting like a camper. The evening before the biathlon, I spoke at Camp Joslin just after dinner. It was a family-style meal of veggies, meats, and bread, but the carbohydrates in every serving had been carefully measured so that the campers could dose the right amount of insulin. When a hundred rowdy boys are involved, the systematic process of serving a meal and cleaning up is itself impressive. Insulin was flowing, blood sugars were being checked, and the boys were clearing and stacking the dirty dishes and wiping down the tables. Their moms would have been astounded.

As I talked about racing the Ironman triathlon with type 1 diabetes, I noticed the attentive eyes of one young boy-Adam. Later on, I asked him, "Are you doing the biathlon tomorrow?"

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Yeah I enjoyed that story too … I first read on Diabetes Health Mobile App … It was nice of u to share it here …

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