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Ok, I'm a 16 year old type 1 diabetic as of 2 months and I've been having some trouble with stress. First my mom won't shut up about it and it stresses me out. Also ever since the girls on my basketball team found out they have been treating me differently. My coach has been cutting my playing time which stresses me out. And the girls have been distancing themselves from me. It makes me feel very alone and causes me to have more bad days. Any ideas to help?

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wrmjw1 2012-12-08 21:25:22 -0600 Report

Diabetes isnt something to be ashamed of, or feared. You need to just hold your head up high and try to show the girls on your team that youre still the same person that youve always been.

KathyH123 2012-12-05 21:15:43 -0600 Report

Hey, if the girls on your team were "real" friends to begin with I don't see why they are distancing them selfs from you. I'm sorry if I am offending any one by saying this but to me a real friend is someone that isn't just going to try to cast you aside when they find out something new about you they will stay their with you and help motivate you to do better and help any way they can also remember you are never alone their are millions of people out their just like you or that have gone threw what your going through and I'm sure a lot of them you can find right here on diabetic connect and I hope that your "real" friends will stay by you no matter what happens or what you have to go threw.

empower4life 2012-12-05 13:57:47 -0600 Report

Hi, I have had type 1 diabetes for 42 years since I was 12 years old. It took me 40 years to figure out that I was taught to be more concerned about making my mother & doctor feel good about my diabetes than what I felt!. Parents and doctors don't realize how much they pressure us into being perfectionists so they can feel successful. Sorry about your coach. There is a great organization called that has type 1 people mentoring other type 1 people on exercise. We need to be kind to ourselves and forgive all the nondiabetic people that don't know how to help us feel better. Check out Mike Lawson (diabetes police & positively positive) & Ginger Vierra on utube. You will laugh.

jayabee52 2012-12-05 13:08:05 -0600 Report

Please keep your head up, Miss Annon!

Having Diabetes Mellitus (DM) can depress one. I know when I was first Dx'd I was depressed and angry. The others' reactions to you MAY be due to how you are presenting yourself to the world right now. Sometimes others distance themselves because they don't know how to deal with the new you who has DM. Coaches may not want to put more pressure on you, not knowing whether you are now more fragile medically, and want to not push you.

I know that you may not want to face this, (my GF has been recently Dx'd with DMt2 also and is having trouble dealing with it herself) but the BEST recommendation I could make to you is to go to your school psychologist or counsellor and tell them how you're feeling and how you percieve the others are treating you and ask for suggestions how to deal with your feelings and also how you should proceed with dealing with the others in your life. You may wish to have your Dr write out a letter to your coach telling him/her about what you can do and what you need to compete well and yet maintain your health.

With your friends you may wish to assure them that you are still the same person that you were before your Dx, but that you need to do some different things to keep yourself in the best health you can. Instruct them in what they need to be aware of. Try to demystify DM for them.

Will you keep ALL your friends? Perhaps not, but your true friends will stick by you through thick and thin, DM or not. There are many young t1s here. a lot of them are asking for friends their own age to chat about your common bond.

I pray you will come out from behind your annonymous persona and will be unafraid of folks knowing of your DM.

Most of us here either have DM or our lives are touched by it in some way. Most of us know what it is like to feel as you do. There is information, compassion and support for you here, should you choose to reach out for it.

Praying you will reach out and find everything you need.

James Baker

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