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Until I met my late bride "Jem" I really never paid much attention to Lab Reports. But she was so medically fragile and also knowledgable about her lab work she motivated me to pay attention to her lab reports (I had to read them for her since she was totally blind) and also to my own lab reports.

Here is a PDF from a slideshow on dLife which crossed my inbox today, and thought I'd share it with you here ~

If you'd prefer the slideshow format you may find it here ~

Praying for your inproved health!


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PrettyBoy24 2012-12-03 02:35:38 -0600 Report

I'm not diabetic but my girlfriend is. Im new to this and have no clue what to do. What should I do when it comes to lab reports, and where to go from there?

jayabee52 2012-12-03 12:16:00 -0600 Report

Howdy Prettyboy!

Well you have to get her permission to look at her lab report first. Does she get a printed copy when she goes to Dr? I always do so I can review it. Due to the HIPPA (medical privacy) regulations enacted over 10 years ago medical offices won't give it to you, only to her and usually ONLY if she asks for it.

Then it is a matter of going through the report, using the PDF as a guide to tell you what a particular test is for and what it may be telling you. I have fould the "target ranges" helpful as it gives one an idea of whether a particular reading is high, low or somewhere within the ranges set. It gives me an idea of what my body is doing since the last time "labs" were drawn.

If you have a specific question about a reading you should talk with her Dr about it. Never discuss anything of a private nature on a discussion board like this as it is open to search engines and ANYONE can view it if they have the right search parameters. You don't want anyone and everyone knowing one's business, of course.


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