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I got this great article in my email today about travel tips with diabetes. I know that this is the season for flights and with all the rules, they are hard to keep up with. This article is really several, with all kinds of tips to help you make your flight a safe and healthy one this year.

By Diabetic Lifestyle

Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Trip
Written by Nicole Joseph
Reviewed by Amy Hess-Fischl MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE

Welcome to the Patients’ Guide to Traveling Well with Diabetes.

Though you may have established a pretty solid routine for managing your type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes at home, traveling with diabetes can cause many unexpected challenges.

What happens if your diabetes medications get lost? Will airport security stop you from carrying on your diabetes supplies? One of the main challenges of traveling with diabetes is feeling like you don’t have control over your circumstances; let’s face it, flights get delayed, cars break down, and bags get lost.
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Dumb phone…changes stuff…SOL…that's scream out loud. Anyway, "We're" should be "were.".

Shannon James
Shannon James 2012-12-18 10:00:52 -0600 Report

When I went to Tenerife in the summer, my mum bought me a Frio bag for my insulin, it also came with a free can cooler too!!