Eye Update

By Nyu-chan Latest Reply 2012-12-12 11:24:56 -0600
Started 2012-11-27 21:10:38 -0600

Two tyoes of surgery, one removes inside of eye leaving outer "shell" while 2nd choice removes whole eye. Preference is first option and if no growth or tumors behind eye (pending ultrasound results) that is what will be done. Prosthetic eye placed in eye socket following healing & construction of 'eye". This new eye stays in place, does not come out.

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jayabee52 2012-11-27 23:54:03 -0600 Report

I pray you will have the option of the first choice!

Nyu-chan 2012-11-28 12:59:11 -0600 Report

My doctor and I talked about it, and we decided on the second choice, which I think that it will be better for me. That ultra sound was weird! Putting the cold jell on my eye, and I was laughing nervously. I haven't laughed like that since I watched Ereaserhead for the first time! That movie's weird for a black and white film!