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I do hope each and everyone has a happy day regardless of where you are. Take a minute out of your day and give thanks not for what you have but for those in need who out of the kindness of others are able to have a hot meal on Thanksgiving Day.

Someone said in a post that diabetes can limit what you can or cannot do. For some this may be true. There is no limit on what you can give if it comes from the heart. A few pennies or a few dollars in a donation jar can help those in need. These people could be family, friends, neighbors or complete strangers. If you can afford it, purchasing an extra can of corn, a box of cake mix, or a bottle of something to drop in a box for those in need can go a long way.

I always say that when you give out of kindness, you may not always get a thank you but that kindness will come back to you in many ways. Last week I went through my neighborhood collecting names of people who I thought would need a Thanksgiving Day basket. I found people willing to give me their information. The Fire and Police Department combined their efforts to collect can goods at all Fire and Police Stations to provide people they serve in the community in need with a meal for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday afternoon, our Community Relations Sgt. called and asked me if I was home and told me he would be at my house in 15 minutes. He arrived and gave me a hug and a turkey. I was actually shocked. This turkey is way too big for two people so I plan to give it to a family I know will need it at Christmas.

I went for my usual walk this morning. I ran into several people who thanked me because even though I really didn't know them, they were able to get food for their families for Thanksgiving. I do a lot in the community and rarely get thanked. It felt good getting the thanks but what made me feel even better is knowing that they will be able have a Thanksgiving they may not have been able to have. One lady said she had bought a chicken because she could not afford a turkey. She now is going to keep the chicken for when the turkey is gone.

We all have something we can be thankful for and thinking of others in need and finding a way to help just one person is what Thanksgiving is all about. I am going to help a friend and neighbor who has worked for several months gathering donations to feed residents in a senior building a Thanksgiving meal this evening.

I do wish that each and everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving Day. Stay safe in your travels and enjoy your day.

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GabbyPA 2012-11-21 18:14:21 -0600 Report

Spend time to reflect on what you are thankful for. When we do that, we can find so much that has touched us. May you all have a blessed day

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