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I took metformin for many years and I found out from my kidney dr. that it was one reason why my left kidney is only working 26% and he said that i should of had my kidneys tested when I started taking it also I have kidney cancer and have had my left kidney taken out in May of 2007 and had my back operated on in my spinal canal to have a large tumor taken out in June of 2007 Please please make sure that your kidney funtion is checked often and also the Januvia will do the same thing that the metformin did ya'll take care of your bodies as this is the oly one you wll have Take care and love to ya'll

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caspersmama 2008-11-29 10:18:28 -0600 Report

Once a year I do the 24 hour collection of the urine to have it tested. So far my kidneys are fine and working properly. I also take a form of metformin and alot of other drugs. So testing the kidneys and liver are part of my annual tests my doctor sets up. Thank you for your info. People need to know that their organs need to be tested also not just their A1C.